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I have this little box of tricks a couple of weeks now, and I like it! And now with the components update its a little sample box too. A couple of months ago I did a track on the Analog Rytm with only my voice and it was so much fun that I did the same with the Circuit… But now a whole live set (why not)… Because I didn’t use the 2 on board synths I had only 4 tracks available, but hey… I had fun! (sorry about the little pops once in a while, its the sample mangling in the circuit that causes it) I recorded it live, no audio editing afterwards. Its al my voice and the circuit filters and fx.


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Novation Circuit sequencing Analog Four

Ahaha a misreading made me think I should try filling a Volca Sample with vocal samples.

I had missed your video, @YloopZ… Interesting sounds with this interesting machine that I try not to GAS on too much…


My new wet dream - A Novation Circuit with Monomachine synth engines instead of Nova. :yum:


Thanks lyingdalai… Yes it was a bit of a challenge to make a liveset with only vocal samples (and only 4 tracks) and not touch the two onboard synths. I like to do a bit of sounddesign with my own voice and the limitation on the circuit made me think creative. I’ve learned that from the Elektrons :wink: I was gassing for the Circuit before the sample update, now that you can use samples it was a nobrainer for me and I like it, its a funbox! So now when I get to choose one synth To take to the park, the circuit or the OP-1… Pffff… Difficult choice…

Made me think… I’ve got a Volca Sample… Maybe lets try something with some vocal samples… :smile:


I have absolutely no GAS for this little thing, no I don’t.

Yet, better is coming, as they say in Betterfell…


Glad I kept it. This is like real time sample change recorded straight into the sequencer. Pretty amazing.


My friend loaded her Circuit up with Analog Rytm drum samples.


This new update looks interesting, can anyone explain exactly what are the new features in that vid? Circuit looking more and more interesting.


If Novation manage to allow user samples for the synth voices then I will be forced to pull the trigger on this, it’s fantastic as it is but my wallet would open up itself if I could use samples on all parts.
I’m just trying to talk myself out of buying one now!


Circuit has four drum tracks - one sample per track.

Until now.

Any note within any drum track can now trigger any sample, and you input this as you play live into the sequencer.

Pretty powerful.


Are you trying to empty my wallet?


I’m having a conversation with your wallet right now. It’s opening up quite nicely.


Hah! Nice…
Then it really is out of my control.

My wallet is all ears.


Yeah, I mean, it’s not your decision, you just have to go along with what your wallet decides, or there’ll be unnecessary conflict.


Fantastic updates keep coming to Circuit. The external midi sequencing in lieu of 1 or 2 Circuit internal Nova synth engines is powerful as well.
I am purchasing a second one to give to my Godchild, for posterity reasons. She is now only 6 months old but think she will grow into it eventually:wink:


After what felt like much hand-wringing, I finally bought a Circuit (good price on a demo unit) about a month ago. It is pretty damn fun. And, to my surprise, I’ve had fun pairing it with my Monomachine. I have a bit of a soft spot lately for ambient new-agey sounds (hence my love of the Waldorf Streichfett) and the Circuit’s got some great ones and it’s fun just to find a good scale and play up and down the pads in the 4-octave ‘extended notes’ mode.

I’ve wanted to use the Circuit’s scales feature to input notes into the Monomachine’s internal sequencer but haven’t tried yet; but I think I remember reading that the MM can have a single MIDI channel that follows the currently selected MM track. If that’s true, I may not mind as much that the Circuit’s MIDI output channels are currently ‘stuck’ to 1 and 2. Oh man, if Circuit can be used to help me enter better melodies into the Monomachine, it’ll be a crazy happy day in my studio.


[quote=“jshell, post:139, topic:15030, full:true”]I remember reading that the MM can have a single MIDI channel that follows the currently selected MM track. If that’s true, I may not mind as much that the Circuit’s MIDI output channels are currently ‘stuck’ to 1 and 2.

Yeah, you can set the AUTO TRACK CH under CONTROL -> MIDI CHANLS to 1 or 2; I think you’ll need to change the BASE CHANNEL setting as well (possibly to start from 2 or 3 instead?) but it should work.


Hows is the sequencing with other devices on this thing? I was think of picking one up to sequence chords for pad patches on my blofeld or strings on my strichett.


Bloody marvelous. If you bought it just to sequence other gear, it’d still be a solid purchase.

Mind the limitations, though. Only two channels - 1 and 2 - to sequence proper synths, and the drums locked to channel10 with just four tracks.

All the same, it’s a bleedin’ amazing sequencer for the way it helps you build a track.