Novation // Circuit


I think i will get one tomorrow, i will update you here aswell.

So you will put the circuit into OT in, and let the circuit recieve clock via OT midi through or OT out ?

Does OT midi through send programm changes ? Or is this only on OT out ? That would make more sense for me at least.
I think at a certain point a central midi clock is needed- what is the limit from your expierience?

When you recorded the sequences into OT, you would delete the internal pattern, and then playback from OT ?


I got one now, and i think I will just clock slave it, and do live pattern switching on the device. I will run it into the A4, and then setup a macro for the input track, and then add in the sequenced loops.

The sound of the little machine, is really pleasant, and the work flow is very intuitive and fast. If the drum samples now could be exchanged everything would be perfect. I think its a very cool groovebox.


i hooked up a controller that tweaks the main noisy parameters and it helps too

parameters like
waveform 1 & 2
filter type & drive on each synth

i used my machinewerk controller which can only do cc’s , but it works pretty well.

some buttons toggle reverb/delay and distortion on / off

unfortunately it seems to keep the cc values on the session without saving it, so i need to dig in a little to do things differently.
and i dont think it records the controller twiddling , only the built in knobs… again i need to check.

oevrall it helps get a wider range of noises without firing up the pc/editor.


Cool idea, i did my first jam with everything together now. Run the Circuit in the A4 for line in, and it just works perfectly.

I.e. it did recieve start stop without further doing anything.
The sessions are a bit interesting to setup, as you need to cater for FX tails - but its doable, i think its best to set the session to a very dry state, and to open up everything when needed.

I maped a macro on the A4 to blend in the levels of the external input, and i can now belend it in as needed. Also the drums were usable in combination with the RYTM. (Did not use the kick, but the percussions.)
I will try it again with routing it to a A4 track to use the filter
and modulations, that will be crazy.

I am really happy with the circuit.


man the 1.2 update just made this thing a lot more interesting… tbh it wasnt even on my radar until now - but since you can load your own samples, makes a fairly cheap, quick drum machine + 2 part VA

apparently it has full on P-Locking now?

Step Edit
[li]Even easier step-by-step automation: have a different pitch on your drums for each hit. Add FX to one note in a sequence. With the potential for a different sound on every step for every track…[/li]



Picked one up yesterday.

Sounds great and very, very intuitive. Import of samples is great and 60 seconds of time is fantastic.

Just need to work out how best to get it working with my A4.

Any suggestions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


connect them with midi cable - A4 will output midi clock + transport, right? the circuit should be able to sync to it - ive heard somewhere it accepts transport control, so it should start and stop at the same time

i dont think you can change patterns remotely tho - you have to do it from Circuit machine


Here’s a techno/house/electro drum sampleset I made for Circuit. 808/909/Drumatix/Miami/Rytm/A4/Tempest/Vermona/Tanzbar/CR68/Modular


Top man, cheers.

I really hope they add macro’s controlling the start/end points of the imported samples in a future update.


I was hoping for a sample circuit. But Novation does it with the original circuit Wow! With this update I will think I trade my Volca Sample for the Circuit…


It’s an amazing update, here’s my custom drum sample pack for mine:


Been playing with this since the update and it really is a whole new machine.

Doing little things like using an open hat sample and p-locking the decay (macros 3 & 4) to get closed hat sounds out of it, or using a mid tom sound and p-locking the pitch (macros 1 & 2) to also get low and high toms out of it - these small tricks turn the 4 drum tracks into a more complete drum kit.
And now that you can import your own samples, doing so with these tricks in mind allows you to take it quite far, sonically.

The standalone editor ain’t bad either. Other than my usual gripe of LFO destinations in the mod matrix section rather than the LFO section, it’s a solid editor. With customizable color schemes, and total access to the synth, chorus, and EQ parameters - customizing your own macros is icing on the cake.

Track panning, and realtime recording of drum sample changes is all I can imagine that would make this box even better. As it is now, a Circuit and a midi sync’d looper could get you by on stage for at least 90 minutes.


Great update, although boo to Novation for closing down their forum, not everybody wants to use Facebook to talk about Circuit.

I hope that in future updates the modulation and macros are fleshed out a bit more, there are quite a few sources and destinations absent.

Very encouraging to see that Novation are planning lots more stuff for Circuit in the future, I really like the simplicity of the sample transfer (could teach Elektron a thing or two in this department :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I hope that there will eventually be a standalone librarian and sample transfer app, the cloud is all fine and dandy until your internet goes down, or you are not able to access.


Needing a backup while at a festival with no internet was definitely one of my concerns.


I got a circuit a few weeks back dirt cheap, its a fun bit of kit anyway. But the ability to replace samples now makes me want a second one :slight_smile:

A circuit+ with 4 synths and 8-12 drum channels with a ton more ROM should be next.


Reckon I would just tether my phone for Internet connection if desperate.
So long as I have cell service.


Yeh I was gonna ask if anyone had heard of a Circuit Pro yet… seems inevitable with novation

also, - probly want one


Only thing that stops me from buying it is only having 2 synth voices. I would think most people would want at least 3 synth tracks (Bass, pads, lead).

I know you can make some descent music with it but having only 2 synth track is bit limiting for a groove box.


Sadly a lot of the outdoor festivals I’ve played in the PNW cell service is an issue too. But I get that’s a rarity.


Just chiming in with some more Circuit love.

I really like the way patterns and sessions are organized on the box. I love how a session saves EVERYTHING (sounds, mutes, patterns, etc). You can go way out there with tweaks then snap it all back by reloading the session. Reminds me of the days of CNTL-ALL. Or, just save your madness as a new session then jump back to it whenever.

I feel like Elektron could take a page from the Circuit book and do away with the current configuration for AR Scenes and give us the option to save everything in a Scene, instantly. I prefer this over going into seemingly every detail of a track, holding down the pad, then tweaking a knob…just let us jam, then save the current state of the machine as a scene. Boom. Powerful.

But Circuits the business, though. Good stuff