Novation circuit monostation


really? I thought it looks pretty cool.
But I somehow like the look of grid controllers.


Not a super fan of the purple buttons but it doesn t bother me much either. Appearance is a very minor factor in my instrument choice.

On quality i ll say the knobs are really nice. Great feel to them and seem very sturdy. Love twisting the filter freq. Feels much nicer than elektron’s to me. The whole unit feels solid. I haven t touched a Circuit but in pics it looks more plasticy than the Mono Station.

I m a bit worried about the flimsyness of the midi mini-jack sockets though. They feel fragile.


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Any tips for feeding this into the analog Rytm inputs without it hard panning left?

Can anyone recommend a y splitter cable - with this reduce the volume output too much?


I’ve been playing with glide and it seems that osc 2 doesn’t follow glides programmed on osc 1. If you want osc 2 to glide along with osc 1 you have to duplicate the pattern to an osc 2 pattern slot and trigger it together. Can be seen at the end of this video:

It’s a pity we have to use osc 2 patterns for that. Anyone found another way to do this?


I also found this behaviour so annoying, that i sold mine and decided to stick with DN, A4 and SH01a Combo.


Just because of the glide? Drastic :wink:

I can see how it’s a design choice to keep it separate between the osc’s. But an option to link glide on both would be nice. Firmware v1.2 added a couple of options like that so who knows.


I can see the benefits of these individual glides too :slight_smile: Like so:

Just Mono Station, Machinedrum and 2 fx pedals. One take.


Nah i found the whole separate treatment of the osc not appealing to my Workflow. I also have the Peak which i much more Like.


You don t have to, if you don t want to play a different seq on osc 2 (Well except if you need synced glide…). Then it just functions as a regular 2 osc mono synth.

But yes, if you ve got a Peak I can see how the Mono becomes redundant.


Of course, but to change waveforms etc. you still need to press a button.
However, it simply didn´t gel with me.


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They either sold out, or there must not be much inventory left. I only had the options to find a store or buy a refurb unit. Related note: showing up as no longer available on Sweetwater. They must be clearing them out. With Summit in the works, I’d be surprised if there was a mono station 2, but who knows these days?

Thanks for sharing though.


It’s telling me that the code is invalid, maybe does not apply here in the UK


Hey Automageddon,

The terms of the offer can be found here >


Fanboy incoming!
I can highly recommend the monostation!
You can use it as Filter and Distortion Box, as cv/gate sequencer, as good sounding synthesizer with saveable patches, the knobs and buttons and build quality overall are serious stuff - and the support was really, really helpful with my smol issue i had.


I had a circuit which I really enjoyed writing stuff on but didn’t really enjoy the synth editing and the limited sampler made me just want a more sampling function. At the moment I need a keyboard/input device for my Digitakt as I don’t enjoy using the buttons for melody so might as well get a synth at the same time.

Reading through the manual it appears that Osc 1 and 2 sequences are sent via different MIDI channels. If the synth is in Monophonic mode is Osc 2 triggered by the Osc 1 sequence? Does this then enable the Osc 2 sequence available to sequence external MIDI without triggering Osc 2?


Yes (but osc2 doesn’t follow osc1 glide).

I don’t think you can can play an osc2 pattern but not have it trigger osc2. Osc2 patterns work as an override for osc2 following osc1. When there is no specific osc2 trigger it follows osc1, when there is it follows the osc2 trigger. This behavior is automatic. There is no switch that puts it in one or the other mode, unless I’m overlooking something.

Of course you could always mute osc2 with it 's volume pot.


Thank you, that is very useful to know!


Oh bummer, I’m not in those territories but thanks for reaching out.