Novation Bass Station II


looks really nice


I’ll ask Novation about it.


i think it popped up for 25th anniversary of bass station sometime last year.
just a black case / different stickers . arturia tried the same with some sticker overlays on microbrute .


You could enter for a chance to win the black limited edition BS II by liking a certain post / Facebook page online. There was a winner, perhaps more, so that sweepstakes is over. It would be nice to re-release this black one though. It looks sick!




cool stuff. i want to try it now. need a bs2 first


That’s pretty sick!


Novation learned from Elektron. Presetlocks. :+1:t2:


you beat me to it!

I just saw this and now I want to leave work early to get home immediately.

i’ve never really liked my BSII all that much, but Novation have made it impossible to not like it.

that’s 2 insane updates in, what, like one year?!


just ordered a bs2 after the update, because its dead cheap compared to modular gear. this looks like a nice little playground. well done novation!


Really torn between this and the Monostation. The monostation is cheaper and fits in my space perfectly, but the retrigger envelopes on the bs2 are attractive. Good thing I’m in no rush.


just got around to having a proper play with this new update, it’s made the BS II way more fun for me.
started a new overlay with my own sounds and sequenced them with the DT.
all sounds are the BS II in realtime (sorry for crappy audio - old iphone, no decent cam) :slight_smile:


I’ve still been getting used to the BS 2, I haven’t even got around to this update. Looks like it adds a ton of great features!


Fwiw I’ve had the BSII for a while and tried out the MS. The BSII’s filter is way more wicked and the extra envelope is indispensible. And now with this update you can use the BSII as an analog drum machine which eliminates one of the other things MS had dor it.