Novation Bass Station II


You have to imagine that they’d be giving consideration to that exact idea. It’s the kind of feature that would really make it stand out from the crowd.

It’s also really impressive that they’re still adding features to the BSII after all these years.


An amazing little synth. I find the new envelope modes more appealing than the AFX stuff, as I’m spoilt with Elektron boxes.


Picked up one of these for cheap recently right before they started updating it, it really is a little powerhouse!


When applying an overlay (effectively afx mode) to an arp you get a sort of motion sequencer; really cool results quickly!


now he only needs to provide some overlay presets for his mode :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a nice update though I can’t believe he’s the 1st person to ask for patch per key , hopefully an editor will come out at some point.

It does help the bs2 turn into a1 voice analog drum machine and further improves novations reputation of continuing support fro older boxes.
And using afx in the marketing will definitely bump up sales , I wonder if they’ll do a limited one like that moroder thing ages ago… a few presets and a sticker .


They had recently a very limit Run with black bs2.


So this “AFX mode” literally is just marketing mumbo jumbo, as it’s clearly just “patch flip” from the BS2 based Circuit Monostation ported over to the mothership.

So yeah BS takes on its original meaning here.

Nice update though, and gotta love the love these guys pour into continuous updates across the board.

Edit: so hopefully we see glide diverge and independent sub in a future MS update :+1:t3: @Calc


I think that was a one off. Never sold.


I’ve had a BS II since December and I haven’t even delved too far into it yet. Now they drop a major update like this, I’m in for some late nights here.


why don’t Elektron treat their loyal customers this way

one more great hack update


Still i want this…


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Me too! Looks awesome


I love my elektron gear and never gelled With my circuit and sold it BUT novations continuous development and updating of those products is great and not many companies continue to expand products like that. I do respect that


Always wanted a BS2 but I have a Pulse 2 and Microbrute.

I also think these updates are fantastic. I’m almost tempted to buy it just to support their work. Maybe one day.


I sold the Circuit too as I struggled with its preset-like approach to the synth but I’m on the market for a bass synth and the mono circuit and the bs2 are high on my list. Leaning mono circuit as I like that style of sequencer, would be s great buddy to my mpc


All I want is that sweet sweet per track multiplier and I’m set. If Novation can do this with an analog synth, elektron can definitely add if to their digital stuff.


Seeing this update has made my day and made my workday drag all at once.