Novation Bass Station II


You have to love Novation and their update policy!!

I can’t wait to get the mono station!


Would love to know how close mono station and bass station sound… Found no comparison videos


Same here.
And i wish BS2 had Monostation’s sequencing facilities.
4 global patterns ain’t enough.


I’m really hoping this means an update for the Peak is coming soon. Microtunings and envelope retriggering would be sweet.


The sequencer looks really great.


Novation drops an update with added features for bass station 2 out of nowhere! This is why I love that company.

New firmware features
Paraphonic mode

Bass Station II is now a paraphonic monosynth, because you can control the pitches of each of the two oscillators separately in its single-voice architecture. Play two notes at a time rather than just one and get interesting interactions through the Ring and Filter Mod.

Filter tracking

Filter tracking was one of the most requested features. The filter includes variable keyboard tracking in Bass Station II v2.5 – the best for matching higher notes to increased brightness.

Envelope retriggering

Bass Station II’s secret sound-design weapon is envelope retriggering. It’s now possible to configure your envelopes to retrigger once the decay stage has ended, opening up a whole range of new possibilities.

Oscillator error

Oscillator error introduces a small and adjustable random detune on each note-on event. This can be used to generate some very beautiful, subtle (or not) musical dissonance, very much in the same way that vintage synths do (because of the looser tolerance of their electronic components). Paraphonic mode makes it as dramatic as possible.

Microtuning editing

Completely control the frequency triggered by each key press, giving your scales another dimension.


i’m stoked about this. time to give my BSII a lil lovin’


I’ve wanted a Bass Station II for a few years now, especially after I sold my Waldorf Pulse 2. It’s definitely my first choice when it comes to an analog mono synth. Excuse me…Paraphonic synth now. :grin:

Filter tracking is going to make lots of BS2 owners happy as well!


The Pulse 2 has a very big Screen and Waldorf uses it to show the Preset Patch Number in big fat Numbers. Nothing Else. That was a total Turn Off for me because its obviously a very Bad Design decision. The Blofeld was the only Waldorf Synth that Shows the envelopes in its Display.


Blowing Things up is Not Always the best Options. Moog Synths Sound fat. Too fat for a mix Sometimes. And that distinct woody 70ties signature sound…it drove me crazy after a couple of years having Voyager and Sub37. Couldnt get rid of it.


I’ve been playing my newly acquired Bass Station II and I love it’s sound so far. The big filter knob is a plus. Currently running it through my Digitone for the fx, adds much to it’s sonic pallette. Seems to sit in the mix really nice.


Wow! I just spent a while with my BS2 after downloading the update. I was going to sell this synth as it had sat in a box for a year unused. Not anymore! Excellent work novation, this one is a keeper now. Abolutely love all the new features.


Here are the ways how I use my BS2:

  • Get a nice arp or short sequence, that can cut thru the mix and feed it to Digitakt. Sampling BS2 in DT is a lot of fun and rhythmic exploration.
  • Sequencing BS2. Digitakt has 8 midi channels, and honestly I never used all of them in one song. So why not to play with 2,3,4,5 midi channels sequencing the same synth and get some piece of weirdness?
  • Playing BS2 keyboard when it comes to long parts, like changing long low notes, so the song sounds less “loopy”. My personal preference is the sound similar to a factory patch #16 (pray).

What is also worth mentioning: it is really interesting to try not to use reverb after BS2 on the very first day, just playing with its raw sound is already a big field for exploration. Although it’s also true that BS2 loves to be played thru FX.


To be honest, i really want to like to have a BS2, but with a PEAK, Digitone, Digitakt, A4 mk2 in my arsenal, i cant justify for myself, why i should get one. the gear covers every sonically ground of the BS2.
The only thing that i could justify…maybe, would be a Circuit Mono Station…


There was a Sonic State story up last night about a new update to the Base Station 2. But today the link is dead and it has been removed from twitter. Maybe they jumped the gun on announcing the details? I can only find some random threads on various forums from a month ago about the coming update.

The big one is the addition of AFX mode. A new mode collaboration with RDJ where you can essentially parameter lock every key of the keyboard so that each key plays a unique sound. Think multimap for the A4 or perhaps the grid of the Medusa. You can have a patch with tonal variation across the keyboard.

Other things I saw were new fixed envelope options for drum programming and more control over the sub osc. There were some more goodies, I just can’t remember atm.

It is crazy the features they continue to add to what most other companies would would have abandoned as a legacy product years ago. This will make me finally grab a Bass Station, and probably a Peak just based on the support commitment alone. Other companies should take note.


Nice one Novation!


haha sweeet! just googled it and this comes up:


nothing there when clicked on as you say, but headline still exists :slight_smile:



pretty smart. What a powerful monosynth this has become


Imagine this in the Peak. Wow.

The glide diverge would be nice to have too.