Novation Bass Station II (2)

That’s pretty sick!

Novation learned from Elektron. Presetlocks. :+1:t2:

you beat me to it!

I just saw this and now I want to leave work early to get home immediately.

i’ve never really liked my BSII all that much, but Novation have made it impossible to not like it.

that’s 2 insane updates in, what, like one year?!

just ordered a bs2 after the update, because its dead cheap compared to modular gear. this looks like a nice little playground. well done novation!

Really torn between this and the Monostation. The monostation is cheaper and fits in my space perfectly, but the retrigger envelopes on the bs2 are attractive. Good thing I’m in no rush.

just got around to having a proper play with this new update, it’s made the BS II way more fun for me.
started a new overlay with my own sounds and sequenced them with the DT.
all sounds are the BS II in realtime (sorry for crappy audio - old iphone, no decent cam) :slight_smile:


I’ve still been getting used to the BS 2, I haven’t even got around to this update. Looks like it adds a ton of great features!

Fwiw I’ve had the BSII for a while and tried out the MS. The BSII’s filter is way more wicked and the extra envelope is indispensible. And now with this update you can use the BSII as an analog drum machine which eliminates one of the other things MS had dor it.

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Anyone care to share a picture of a bass station II power supply? I lend it to someone and he lost the power supply. In order to ease the search i thought to send him a picture of what it looks like (does it say ‘novation’ on it?), but unfortunately no-one seems to show off their power supply pictures on the webs…


Wow that was quick! Thanks!


Howdy… I’m looking at purchasing the Bass Station 2 for use with a wind controller. When I look at the MIDI implementation in the BS2 PDF, I see stuff like this:
frequency - cc - 16:48 - 0 to 255
I’m not sure how to read that or how I’d control something that went past the normal 127 steps.
My Yamaha WX5 is configurable to send breath, aftertouch, pitchbend & modulation CC, but will I actually be able to control any of the parameters on the BS2 besides note and velocity? Has anyone used an external controller - a keyboard controller for instance - and been able to send aftertouch data and mod wheel data from that keyboard and had it effect the BS2? Also does an external sequencer record the filter frequency (big knob) and output that back into the BS2 on playback? I feel like the BS2 is missing MIDI controller assignments but maybe it can still respond nicely to my WX5 - I’d just like to be sure. Thanks anyone for responding to my rambling.

The manual for the WX5 indicates that it can send pitchbend and a bunch of MIDI CC messages:

  • Mod Wheel (CC 1)
  • Breath Controller (CC 2)
  • Volume (CC 7)
  • Expression (CC 11)
  • General (CCs 16, 17, 18, 80, 81)
  • Brightness (CC 74)
    It says that it does not transmit aftertouch.

The manual for the BS2 says that it can respond to a bunch of CC messages including:

  • Volume (CC 7)
  • filter frequency (16 & 48)
  • LFO2 depth (17 & 49)
  • LFO1 speed (18 & 50)
  • osc 1 manual PW amount (74)
  • sub osc wave (80)
  • sub osc octave (81)

It responds to pitchbend. It claims that “mod” is controlled by CC 0, but that might be a misprint for Mod Wheel (CC 1). If so, there are a few Mod Wheel modulation destinations.

Aftertouch and ModWheel have a few selectable destinations on the BS2 (see pages 17 and 18 of the manual).

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Thanks… I’m mostly concerned about that filter frequency being 2 CC messages to make a 256 value. I’ve searched far and wide and can’t find anyone who has ever controlled the BS2 from a wind or breath controller. I find that a bit odd, considering all the synths that folks use with breath and the extreme popularity of the BS.

I believe that is a dual midi cc setup that allows for more resolution. Basically one cc increases by 1 while the other increases by 10.
So when you turn the freq knob it goes
cc 1 = 1, cc 2 = 1, then
cc 1 = 1, cc 2 = 2, then
cc 1 = 1, cc 2 = 3
Until cc 2 gets to 10 then
cc 2 = 2, cc 2 = 1
I believe they refer to it as MSB and LSB.
I probably could explain it better…
Check out 7 bit MIDI resolution vs 14 bit MIDI resolution


Yes. And that’s the reason for my concern… will I be able to influence the full range of the freq knob with aftertouch coming from my WX5 wind/breath controller.
@PeterHanes - You are right about no aftertouch from the WX5. In the past, I’ve used a Midi Solutions Event Processor to convert pitch bend.

You will. If the wind controller is not 14 bit resolution compatible, just select the cc that represents cc 1 in my example. You won’t get the better resolution but it will work.


OK, I feel better about it - and this adds some clarity too - from a knowledgeable dude on Reddit:

"Don’t think of it as a number 0…16383. Instead think of it this way. Your 14 bits are divided into two 7-bit chunks: the Most Significant Byte (MSB) and the Least Significant Byte (LSB). Each of these goes from 0…127, but to make things simple to conceptualize, imagine them as each going from 0…99. Now imagine a decimal number, where the MSB is on the left hand side of the decimal point, and the LSB is on the right hand side. So if your MSB is 92 and your LSB is 53, you’d have the value 92.53.

That’s what’s getting sent to your synthesizer. 92.53. If your synthesizer is only 7-bit, it’s going to ignore the LSB entirely and just treat the value as 92.0. And if your controller sends only 7-bit data, then what the synthesizer will receive is 92.0 anyway, because all it got was the MSB. Thus you can think of the LSB as an “optional fine tuning” of the primary value (92)."