Note Setup (Track Key) Not Being Saved w/ Kit - Why Not?


Hello everyone,

I have a question about why the Note Setup Track Key is not saved… I am following these steps to reproduce:

  1. I create a new Kit, and set the Track 1 Track Key to C Major.
  2. I save the kit as Kit 1
  3. I then save the kit as Kit 2 a second time
  4. I change the Track 1 Key to A Minor
  5. I save the Kit 2 again.
  6. Now I load Kit 1 and go to Note Setup
  7. But the Track 1 Key is now set as A Minor, not as the C Major I saved earlier to Kit 1

Why is this?

Are Track Keys saved to the Sound and not the Kit and I am missing something?
Why are Track Keys not saved as part of the Kit?


It gets stored as part of the pattern.


For each of the 8 banks, 16 patterns are available, which means 128 patterns are always available. A pat-tern consists of sequencer data like trigs, parameter locks, time signature and individual track length for the synth tracks and the FX and CV tracks, as well as ARP and NOTE page settings.


OK, I guess that makes more sense, as you can do a key change, and then switch back on the pattern change.

I’m sure I read that in the manual, but it makes way more sense when I think about it in that musical context.

Thank you.