Not sure why MnM isn't responding to MIDI notes from OT anymore?


I didn’t have this problem earlier. I have my MS2K going MIDI into my OT, which is going out to my Mono, and I’m telling OT T1 to be channel 9, the auto channel of the MnM. I can play my MS2K and get sounds out of my MnM (which is going into my OT, and the AB inputs light up just fine), and I can even live record MIDI trigs in a pattern. But once I play it back, no sound happens? And inputs AB aren’t lighting up so that tells me the MnM isn’t even receiving the trig data.

I didn’t change any settings, it’s the same project as when I had sent MIDI data and recorded it before (but a different bank). What could be happening?

Also, it seems whenever I live record MIDI notes it’s consistently early. It could be my playing (though I feel like I’m very deliberate about where my notes land), but is there any way to make my live recording better quantized?