Not so shiny Delay

Looking for a delay pedal and wondering if the Boss DD 200 ist just a not so shining and hipped one. All the YouTube videos about the expensive ones maked me focus just on them. On the other hand there are just a couple of videos with synths and the DD200. For me it looks not so fancy, but that doesn’t mater. I’m just looking for a clocked one with nice sound in stereo with different delays. The other shiny one I’m focus on ist walrus D2 V2. Shall I save the more amount of money to the walrus? Am I just blinded by it. Sorry for the poor English. Looking forward to your advice and inputs. All the best from Switzerland and THX for your help.

DD200 is a good pedal.
Sounds very nice on synths imo.
Most of the modes are pretty useful. Nice stereo field.

Took me a while to get used to the controls though, default settings felt a bit unintuitive. E.g. delay times might change when switching the mode (perhaps not the case when synced and you can also turn off that behavior). The menu is quite cryptic, too (no surprise). So you have to study the manual, otherwise the fun might be limited.

I don’t know the Walrus so can’t compare.

To me, the quality points of a delay pedal are

  • does it let the incoming dry sound untouched or does it make it ugly (looking at you DL4 OG)
  • is it stereo and does it use the stereo field
  • are the artifacts (full feedback, changing delay time, mostly) musical enough?
  • can it be midi synched ?
  • are the pots good enough: I hate pots that introduce noise on the audio path when you turn them, I don’t even get it why they would I traduce something scratch noise but it’s another thing to kill with fire.

My Timefactor is built like a tank, and while there are many fancy things out there, it does the job pretty well and can be found second hand pretty cheap.

Also, a 2nd hand A4 mk1 does this and more :wink:


I quite simply never use them as insert effects.
Don’t see the point tbh, except with inbuilt delays, or maybe in modular.
I’ll always have some kind of mixer around.
Always on send, always 100% wet. No faffin’ about.

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Thank you for you’r Input!

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Thank you, I’ll will have an eye on those factors

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Digitech Obscura is wonderful little pedal with nice and gritty delay types. And it’s only 99€ :v:

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Can’t speak for the DD200 but I’ve got the DD500 and it’s a gem imo. Interface and menu structure is intuitive and there are plenty of options

Korg SDD-1200 rackmount