Not possible having both rytm mk1 and four mk1 connected via USB simultaneously?

Hi, just traded my digitakt to an rytm mk1 and I can’t connect them both at the same time through my usb hub! Overbridge engine says fault on whichever device I connect last… I didn’t have issues connecting my digitakt and analog four at the same time before, any advice?
Thanks in advance!

Have you updated the Rytm to the latest OS?

Also try different USB leads and ports

Yes! The rytm works fine as long as the 4 is not plugged in and vice versa.

You probably need a hub supporting MTT, like Elektron’s Overhub. Otherwise you might run into bandwidth constraints of USB 2.0


Yea, this might be it… Gonna have to wait till next month before I can buy that, hopefully it will solve it. Perhaps a 3rd party, cheaper option would work. Like this one?

before buying anything: try to plug each one directly to an usb port of the computer, with no hub at all. (for testing, plug other things out temporarily if necessary to free up enough ports) use usb 2 ports, if possible.

this way you should be able to identify, if it is really the usb hub.

i have rytm mk1 and a4 mk1 connected like this without problems.

If you decide to buy a new hub and don’t need a usb 3.0 hub, I have the LOGILINK UA0148 7-Port hub, probaply the cheapest usb 2.0 MTT hub around. Did some research on MTT hubs when my old one started to fail, the money was tight that month so I went for the cheapest.
Still works after 1/2 year, the old one didn’t last that long^^

Interesting read:

This is the one you need.