Nord Wave 2

Mine is on order. The only keyboard synth I’ve ever owned was my ex-wife’s Yamaha MIDI piano keyboard, which doesn’t really count. This one ticks most of the boxes for me. I’ll try to report back when it comes, but I may be easily impressed by its sounds and more adequately able to report on the keyboard comparing it to the Yamaha and the two pianos we have here.


Getting mine tomorrow. I lusted for a Nord Lead back in my youth and the recent Cuckoo videos inspired me to try one. I am not much of a synth programmer and I think the simple layering concept suits me. Looking at the lack of content on forums and YouTube I doubt that it is a big success.

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The more I mess with my Wave (1), the more I realize I really just need to dig up an old rack mount sampler (or smarter, nearly any computer from about oh, 1999 onwards…) but we always do things the hard way, don’t we?

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I’d really like to be able to compare the synth engine - namely is it derived from the A1? Now that i have an A1 I do see that there is a little something special going on with it. Not sure what but it sounds great - and it is not the on board chorus as I assumed it would be before buying one. In fact, I’m not really a fan of the chorus on it.

related, from my wave :

Current sounds coming from your gear

You are probably right about that but hardware is just more inspiring. I make synth pop and record most of the parts by playing so I think I will enjoy the waterfall keys on the wave 2.

The concept looks like a more advanced A1 - with samples as well of course.

It’s true, and I think that’s the Nord Vibe on all their instruments.

Just sit down and play. Write a song. I miss my time with the Wave 1.
Even though the 2 has its own limitations vs the 1 (less modulation, mixing VA with samples within the patch is different), I’m sure it would still be great for production and song writing.

But for that kinda money? Hmmm, would be hard to decide between Wave 2 and other options. I admire those of you who were able to decide!

I think you overestimate my ability of make a choice :slight_smile:


OK it’s not in the vaunted under 2500 pile that get’s talked about so much on the forum, but it doesn’t miss by much.

I think besides it being friendly to just sit down and play, it also works for performance. It’s 20 pounds but that’s still OK for moving around. Four layers, with analog, wavetable, FM and sampled sound together and it sounds good. What’s not to like.

I don’t have one but it’s high up on my list. I think though that it does suffer from having a lot of competition, and not having some sort of a wow factor to it.


MODX is better value IMHO, loads of FM-X capabilities too

Fairly detailed review

Even more detailed review. This ain’t the old Sound On Sound - there’s actual criticism in there. :wink:


Yea! good to see such detail in a review.
If Wave 2 had the Wave 1 depth of modulation, and a 4 note chord mode, I’d probably be rationalizing the purchase of a Wave 2. But it’s okay, not every synth is meant for me.

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My Wave arrived today. Only had an hour to play around but nice first impression. Nice build and I really like the feel of the keys.


I think you need just one more synth.


I keep telling my wife that. :slight_smile:

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I’ve started a thread for those with a keyboard collection.

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Any more thoughts on it?

Well, it’s a keeper. It’s significantly different from the other synths in my collection and just using the presets is inspiring (for me). Already used it in a track. Also very easy to tweak things and I like the 4 layer mix concept. The companion software also seem very good and it’s free. Quite a step up from Sequential where you have to pay silly money for a low quality third party editor. Really nice EFX as well. Good happy about the key bed.
I am sure the features will keep me occupied for a long time.


Mine arrived today. I’ve only had about a half hour with it, but really like it. The keybed is good, and as @jespers says, it’s got some inspiring presets. I need to spend some serious time this weekend doing some sound design with it; I’ve got things I want to try, but an a little daunted by all of the knobs.

Definitely a step up from the wretched electronic piano keyboard I had before.


Congratulations! Sounds like you are in for a fun weekend

Don’t be scared - just enjoy all the knobs :slight_smile:

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