Nord G2 editor works under Parallels on MacOS

I just grabbed the trial version of Parallels, to make sure that I’ll be able to use a 32 bit app in future.

Although I’m currently hosting on Mojave, at some point I’ll probably need to go with the new 64 bit only OS.

So, it’s looking positive. Fingers crossed, that will be a way forward.

The other application which will apparently hit problems, is the Virus TI control centre.

I might wait until the new MacOS lands before buying Parallels, to make sure I get the best compatible version.

Edit: …and would you believe it, Parallels got updated to v15 this morning!

Good to know! I was also thinking about the future of my G2 in combination with the upcoming MaxOS’es… didn’t think of this solutions. Thanks!

i use wine to run windows editor on mac and its pretty good (old G1 editor)

i’m sure there are various solutions to running the old editor or the G2 version without the need of a modern pc/mac.

i’m unlikely to ever have a G2 though. (and to be fair i havent used my micromodular for quite a while ).