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I asked this same question a while ago and the answer was no. It would be cool to have a few machines synced up and have one fill button trigger to fill across them all but it is what it is.


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About Midi channels. What channels can i use on the Octa to send for external synths ? I read somewhere that i can’t use channels 1-8 because the Octa uses them, is this true ? Currently i’m using only channels 9and up on my external gear, just to be safe… but can i use channels below 9 ?


There is a some complexity because the OT’s audio tracks (as opposed to the MIDI sequencer tracks) can also send and receive MIDI but this behaviour can be deactivated in the Project settings.

In general you can choose any MIDI channel numbers you like for the MIDI sequencer tracks and it would only need closer attention if you were to make your setup more complex.


You can send midi data with midi tracks with any midi channel, but :

If an audio track and a MIDI track share the same MIDI channel, the MIDI track will block the audio track from sending out data while the audio track will block the MIDI track from receiving data.

So in that case, it can be annoying only if you want to send audio tracks CCs using knobs, buttons or crossfader (notes are not sent anyway, except with chromatic mode).

Annoying if you want to control midi tracks parameters with CCs, record notes on the shared channel, but you still can use Auto Channel.


So i’m having this issue with my Octa :

I use the Octa to sequence my synths, including a Prophet Rev2. It’s working very well, i even mapped the Rev2’s cutoff to the Octa’s FX1 CC1. When i turn the CC1 on the Octa, it affects the Rev2’s cutoff as expected. So far, so good.

The problem is when i put a trig lock on the same CC1. Somehow the trig lock is not sent to the Rev2. For instance, the cutoff is currently on 50, and the trig lock is on 10. When the sequencer pass the step with the trig lock 10, the cutoff won’t go to 10 ; it only will go to 10 if i manually turn the Octa’s knob.

Any ideas what could be missing here ?

Thanks ! :smiley:


Nevermind about the last question, the problem was a second note after the trig lock that was ‘cancelling’ the previous cutoff frequency.

So my new question is : is there a way to apply a CC1 to all notes at once, without having to change note by note ?


You can record knob values moving it in Live Rec.
Consecutive similar midi message values are not sent twice.


Thank you (again) ! But what if i want the SAME CC values for all notes, i can’t move the knob in such situation…


As I wrote above, it is useless to plock the same values, because they are sent only once.
Unless you want to recall a default value often while tweaking…


Sezare you are the guy, thank you so much for all the help !

But the journey continues… :smiley:

I’m using parts to try different sounds, but keeping the patterns notes.

My song currently have 12 patterns. In pattern 1, i switched to Part 2 and made some changes on the sounds on Tracks 1 and 3. I’m satisfied with the results, so i copied Part 2 to Part 1 and now this is my ‘official’ part.

Problem is, when i go to pattern 2, its part 1 still have the old sounds.

So the question now is : is there a way to pally all Part 1 changes to all Part 1 on all patterns, or do i need to change each pattern part 1 ?


Bank 1 parts 1-4 are different from Bank 2 parts 1-4.

In a same bank, pattern 1 part 1 pattern 2 part 1 are theorically the same. If banks are different, you have to copy part 1 again.


So if i changed pattern A1 / Part 1, when i go to pattern A2, the sounds should be the same right ? Somehow this is not happening in my case…


It should be the same unless you plocked some parameters…


Sorry, my bad… It’s working as expected, the problem was between the Octa and the chair :stuck_out_tongue:


So let’s say i have a 4 page pattern, 64 steps. This pattern will play twice in my arrangement, so it will be 128 steps in total. And i want the note on the 4:4/13 step (a clap on step 61 actually) to increase the delay, only this note but only in the second time it plays, which would be actually on step 125.

I would put a p-lock on it and a trig condition 2:2 and increase the delay as i want. BUT when i do it, the clap itself will play only on the step 125.

So my question is : is there a way to the trig condition apply only to the effect, but not the note itself ? I want the note to play everytime, only the effect will trigger on the 2:2 condition.

The way i could do that was to create a second pattern. But is it possible to achieve such thing with only one pattern ?


I think What you want to do is in the manual under triggless trig.


Thanks, i know abut the triggless trig. But my question is : can i put a triggless conditional trig that affects only the delay send, and in this same step there is note without any conditional trig ?


I am not an expert. Others may have a different answer, but I would say no. That would be cool, and i have thought of that before… There may be a work around though. If you have a trig free after the trig you want to effect. Trigless that one and then microtime all the way to the left, as far as it will go. Then set your delay on that trigless trig.


I don’t think that’s possible but what I would do is place the note trig and place a trigless trig right before or after and use the timing grid to push it all the way left or right (whichever is closest to the note trig). It’s such a short fraction of a step that it’s basically at the exact same time.