Noob questions


Only to confirm my suppose, since in the Manual I do not see it clearly:
-Master Track --> LFO: In the manual it specifies that “LFOs can only modulate parameters found
in the TRACK PARAMETER MAIN pages”, so even if you select in the LFO setup “PMTR = PB PITCH” or another parameter that is in the Main Pages PLAYBACK or AMP (which are empty), it will not modify anything or have any effect on the sound, is right?


Correct, lfo’s on master track only work for parameters on the fx slot main pages, setting them to a playback or amp page parameter and increasing the depth will do nothing. If you do have lfo’s with depths up affecting those parameters and switch your master track back to regular, they will be active then…


I think i don’t understand this bank / samples thing… As far as i thought i knew , if i change bank B / T1 sample, it would not change bank A / T1 sample, is that correct ? But i did this and when i changed bank B / T1 sample, bank A / T1 sample was changed too !


Did you change sample in sample slots or slots assignments?
Once again, slots are common for the whole project. If you replace a sample by another in a slot, this will affect all banks / parts.

I would use banks per song too. I avoid part changes in a song, so I don’t have to save / copy parts. I definitely prefer to use sample locks intead of part changes.

When you save the project, parts are saved with their bank. Parts save is usefull for reload.

If you are paranoid and have time to waste, save everything, even banks, CF card, money if you can, who knows, you may have to repair your OT… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use a different bank, you don’t have to change part. In a project, you can use 16 different part 1 settings without using part menu.


My bad, seems i changed the wrong place… Now it’s clear, thank you ! :smiley:


In a nutshell : when do you use static and when do you prefer flex machines ?


Static for CF long samples without too much slices - playback mangling.
Flex for RAM short samples / slices - playback mangling / recordings.


Suppose i want to change all trigs on a pattern to use another sample, not the bank’s default. Is there a way to do it for all trigs at once, without having to p-lock each trig one by one ?


Go through and change them one by one… or copy/paste Trigs; or change the track default to X; and use Sample Locks for others (i.e. inverted logic)

How many/often we talking?


Might I ask why you want to do this?
I ask because depending on what outcome your trying to achieve there may be other easier solutions…


I do this quite often, because i’m mounting a live set of about 1:30h and this set needs to fit in only 8 banks (because i use a Rytm too and the Rytm has only 8 banks). So some songs have to share banks, so if i want to use a different sound in the second song, i need to p-lock the sample. Actually i ask more for the Rytm than the Octa :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… Are you using all 4 parts per OT bank? Each can have it’s own 8 default track samples and each pattern will remain linked to it’s part so you can have 32 default samples per bank…

On AR you have kits so every pattern in each bank can host its own 12 track sounds…

Unnnlessss your wanting parameter tweaks to carry through in which case you’d want to use less parts and kits?


I do this as well; but one Octatrack Project to two Rytm Projects.

You already know what my answer is and how I do it.


Sorry, just learning too myself… why don’t you copy the pattern to another location and use another part for the copy? Isn’t that exacly what parts are for?


Yes, actually my question was for Analog Rytm, which has less banks and no parts.


In a Midi track, i can click on SRC and set the bank / program i want to set my external synth. Is there a way per pattern, not per track / bank ?


I think it’s parts and kits time… :smile:

That setting is stored in the part, each Bank has 4 Parts. So for every pattern in a bank you can have it send 1 out 4 external bank/pc changes. A pattern becomes linked to a part after you assign it from the part quick select menu. Every time you switch to it after that it will load with the last part you selected for it.

By loading a different part to a pattern in the same bank, it will be like you’ve changed bank but you haven’t, because when you’ve been switching to different banks you’ve actually been switching parts too. Every time you switch Bank it loads part1 of that bank. Each bank actually has 4 though so you do no need to leave a bank to get a new group of machine selections, samples, scenes, etc…

Rytm has “Kits” and a lot of them, they are more flexible than parts. AR has 128 kits which host their own 12 track sounds, fx settings, scenes, and perf pads… You can have all 128 AR patterns load with their own sounds without plocking anything… On any pattern just open the kit menu and load a different kit and start building it, it will stay linked to that pattern…


There actually is one more option for the OT to send an incremental external PC based on what pattern the OT is on but it doesn’t send bank change so I don’t know if it will work for you. By incremental I mean you can’t tell it what PC to send it’ll send PC 0 on pattern A1, 1 on A2, etc… It’s in the sync menu…


Thank you for such a detailed explanation, it’s a lot more clear now. But the questions below remain :

In Octa, can i have different parts for different patterns in the SAME bank (A1 Part 1 / A2 Part 2)?

In Rytm, can i have different kits for different patterns in the SAME bank (A1 Kit 1 / A2 Kit 2) ?


#1 YES
-Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 features 4, yes FOUR parts per bank

You can absolutely stay in one bank and get the outcome that you’ve been getting by switching banks.

For example pattern A1 can be 8 flex machines with samples loaded, pattern A2 can be a mix of thru tracks and static machines, pattern A3 can be 8 flex machines with different default samples than pattern A1, and pattern A4 can be all Pickup machines or whatever you want…

Now you’ve used the 4 parts so the remaining patterns A5-A16 must use one of the 4 described above, any pattern on the bank can be linked to one of the FOUR parts…