Noob questions


You’ll have to be more specific. How is all this set up?


I must be slow or stupid, I really don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with slices? I’m sorry for all questions, people are probably ignoring me by now… also why can’t I apply any off the effects such as reverb or flange to any of my samples when I play them back? I can’t even adjust pitch and simple rate and lfo modifications, I turn the knows, but nothing about the sound changes. I would be greatfull if someone could elaborate on these two topics and why I’m having issues…

For example I created a slice grid of my guitar strumming, made 16 slices, now what, what do I do with slices, what was the purpose… again I’m must be stupid I read the manual, I’m still not grasping it.


First of all: use a flex machine for a sample with slices (static machines may not always be fast enough when triggering slices fast).

Press [FUNC] + [SRC] to open the SRC SETUP menu on the related track and set the SLC parameter to ON. The STRT parameter on the flex main page works now as slice index/number. You can either plock the STRT parameter (slice number) on a trig to play a specific slice or use an LFO to modulate the STRT parameter (slice number).

About your other problems:

Please check in the menu MIDI->CONTROL if AUDIO CC OUT is set to INT or INT+EXT.

If it is set only to EXT all your knob movements will just be sent out of the Octatrack (via CCs), but will not influence the internal parameters.


Ableton Live’s Groove Pool is much more than just swing. You can extract grooves from clips and apply those to further clips. In the groove pool we have control not only over the amount of swing applied, but also changes to velocity and we can apply random changes as well.

But swing really just alters the timing, and Ableton Live works in the same way if you leave all other options untouched.

In the OT we have a great deal of additional control using swing trigs.
Much more control then many other grooveboxes offer.
If you want to introduce dynamics, use p-locks on amp volume/velocity or use lfos :slight_smile:


I think it only does this if you change the length while it’s on one of the steps that won’t exist at the new pattern length. So if you change it before it hits step 17 in the sequence, it shouldn’t restart.

Alternatively, you can use individual track lengths and change master pattern length down to 16, then back up to 64. If you hold FUNC at the same time, the numbers increase/decrease evenly. (I think! I’m not in front of the OT at the moment)


Yes, when you hold Func + Up/Down the master length increases/decreases in steps of 16.

And I think your’e also right about changing pattern length, it you do that at the right moment it won’t fuck up timing.
Although I don’t know if it’s 100% reliable, that’s why I didn’t recommend it in my earlier posts.


thank you so much I got this working… only issue is when I tried at the start to use the flex machine… it said I didn’t have enough memory … I’m suspecting my initial sample of my guitar playing was to long? I recorded more guitar pplaying but not as long it now works.

I’m having a real issues getting guitars to sound right on the OT… I suspect I’m going to have to play the guitar riffs as a seperate track on my DAW… wish I could have done it on the OT my guitar playing is choppy… not very consistent… any tips for laying down a guitar track for a player that’s not very good? I’m a drummer not guitarist:)

I’m able to play a minute consistantly… but I cant guarentee my skills are up to par to play a 6 minute riff:)


There is a reason guitar nerds are very into amps, pedals, etc–those things sound good. A lot of guitar Bros will tell you that you can’t replace the warmth of a tube amp and nice OD pedals with software and I flip flop on that… Some great guitar tones (Nile Rogers’ work) was straight into a mixing console, but I find it very difficult to get a good distorted, saturated sound out of software.

Your electric or acoustic DI into the OT will not sound very good. You’ll need to warm it up and play with FX and even then it will still never sound like a tube amp


being warm isnt an issue I have a pod hd500 and many tube amps including marshals and a orange… my question isnt about warming it up… also I’m not using software for effects… I have pedals and nice amps… I need some suggestions on how to splice and play back those beautiful warm guitars tones in my OT:) it’s easy to play a drum pad or synth hit… but not so much a C5 power chord

I’m a hack of player and it would it take many takes for me to play live for a 8 minute song… im a drummer by trade… not a guitarist:)


Ah I see. I misunderstood what you meant by “sound right”

I will reiterate that I think the thing you’re trying to do is much better suited for a DAW. Playing a guitar part for eight minutes is not easy or fun on OT. Playing, say four different guitar riffs (let’s say verse, chorus, pre chorus and bridge) and getting them looped in the OT is more doable.


Very true. But not your average 2019 budget digital mixer either :wink:


Also very true. But today we have plug-ins that emulate SSL, Neve, Pultec, etc. pretty convincingly, I’d say.

What we do not have are plug-ins that emulate Nile Rogers :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s exactly what I want to to for example… play the chorus, verse, and keychange… so I should should record each in it’s full length and get the the OT to trig it once?


Again, my opinion on the matter is this: The OT is the wrong tool for the job in this particular case. It’s doable, but it’s an utter, total, hair-ripping, mania-inducing pain-in-the-anus. What you are doing is using a scalpel to hammer a nail in place.

Record the parts into a DAW where it’s much easier to line up and edit, then transfer them to your OT.


Back to noobies : Can the Octa’s fill also trigger a Rytm’s fill that is slaved / receiving program changes from to the Octa ?


No. No MIDI message is sent when selecting Fill.


So only thing i can do is push both fill buttons at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Or just use separate patterns for the fill, obviously.


If you want to trigger the fills simultaniously, yes.
I’m not sure about the Rytm, but I think you trigger the fill just with pressing the [Page] Button, Octa gives you more options; [Up] + [Page] for momentary fill, [Up] + [Down] + [Page] to latch Fill ([Down] + [Page] to unlatch) and [Down] + [Page] to activate fill at next pattern cycle (active for one pattern cycle).

So you could easily trigger the fill on the OT with [Down] + [Page] and press the button on the Rytm at the right time.
I use [Up] + [Page] on the OT and trigger the fill on my AK without any problems, just have to stretch a little^^

If you use PRE fill condition after FILL you can trigger the fill and it will play all PRE trigs after the FILL trig. This way you don’t have to press the button down during the whole fill section.


Thanks for the fill ideas guys !

Usually most of my questions takes into account using the Octa in live situation ; in a studio situation everything is a lot easier, you can just use the song mode in both Elektron machines and everything will work fine.