Noob MNM/audio

Hi , long lurker first post here

I’ve just started mucking around on the mnm, and want to use my usb midi keyboard controller to control the mnm through Ableton.
I’m very new to controlling a hard synth/module from a DAW, and have made some headway (I think) by googling, but I’m still confused, very.

gear im using to attempt this setup:
M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi keyboard controller
Macbook Pro running Ableton
Mbox Mini audio interface
Trigger Finger Pro
I have an ‘m-audio trigger finger pro’ - my question is; can I use the trigger finger as the ‘interface’ for the mnm?
i.e use midi cables from mnm to trigger finger, and then from the trigger finger to my computer via USB, and then play the mnm in the DAW using my other usb midi keyboard controller?
Or should I simply use either, midi interface or a midi to usb cord to connect the mnm to the computer. I ask this because if i can use the trigger finger instead of an interface, i’ll only need cables and be able to save $

Thanks and hope this makes sense

If the Trigger Finger Pro is like most midi interface/controllers you can indeed use it like you propose. Take a midi channel in Ableton (session view). Set the track’s input to the midi keyboard and its output to the Trigger Finger.

This is assuming that you have configured Ableton’s midi preferences correctly. And have got midi channel assignments in Ableton and the MnM matching.

create 6 Midi tracks in ableton, put a “external instrument” on each track and set the Midi channels that correspond to the 6 tracks of the Monomachine. it is also good to know what MIDI CC numbers occupy each Monomachine parameter. and do not forget to activate “remote control” for the MIDI IN/Out of your interface in the Ableton Live Midi options, otherwise it won’t work.

happy knobbing^^

i made this sheet a while ago with all the MIDI CC numbers listed, so that i don’t need to pull out the manual everytime when i need that stuff.


Thank you very much dtr and MDMnM, your responses were helpful.
Realised the Trigger Finger Pro doesn’t have a MIDI input, only out; so my research continues.

Realised I need a midi interface so I’ve bought myself a MOTU Micro Express.

I’ll be sure to use your guide when I work out what I’m doing MDMnM - many thanks.

P.s if anyone has a step by step guide on how to setup a monomachine through a midi interface into Ableton Live 9 , would fast-track me a lot.