Non-weird soundpack for AK?

Hi, I have downloaded quite some preset banks for the AK I bough a month or so ago, but I am not entirely happy with what I have. My AK (pre-owned) came filled with “weird” sounds, improbable detuned stuff, sound fx, industrial sounds etc. and most sound like someone hit a randomize button , then adjusted some envelopes and gave it a name from outer space like , let’s say: “KradonkEZplickzz”. I’m very into experimentation but I’d rather do it myself… In short, I’m now looking for a sound bank (I don’t mind at all paying if the price is fair) that has some more “instrumental” analog textures, like, sounds you can actually play chords with while other instruments are playing along so preferably, in tune. Of course I’m not looking for a realistic grand piano, hammond or wurlitzer, I wouldn’t have bought a Analog keys for that and am not interested. The bank should be ideally mostly filled with that kind of presets, not just the 1st 10 or 20 and then 200 sounds from outer space following: I really have more than enough of those right now… All suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

start here

I like these
especially ”return of the floppy”


Yes thanks, went there but I’d like to have advice from someone who actually understands what I’m asking for, I’d like to avoid the whole process of downloading and demoing everything available on earth, I started doing that but it’s an impossible task, I started watching YouTube presentations, downloading and buying some banks and went through at least 1000 presets one by one to finally single out about only 10 or 20. That’s why I took the liberty to question the community…

How about a factory reset? The original
patches of the AK have plenty of non-weird, just great sounding classic sounds. There’s plenty strange there too, but the balance is decent.


Yeah, I got mine pre-owned so I don’t know if the factory patches were in there. Before getting the Keys, I had demoed the A4 MkII in the store, but was not convinced by the factory sounds. But there was something about the A4/K I liked so when I got a decent deal on that AK I went for it. I know I’m going to like it a lot, but just need to find my own sweet spot. Glad I got the keyboard version though, I like the layout and the overall design a lot. I guess we can download the factory content on the Elektron website? A factory reset will wipe out my stuff I guess… oh well, not a big deal anyway, nothing to write home about yet!

I don’t think so.

Not if you store any stuff you want to keep in projects other than slot 1 and sound banks other than A and B; only those areas are re-initialized by a Factory Reset. See “Factory Reset” in the manual for full details.


I had an Analog Keys for awhile, and much like you, the weird stuff didn’t much appeal to me unless I hadn’t made it myself for a specific purpose.

I made this on the Analog Keys only. A very traditional piece of funk, with no strange sounds as far as the ear can hear:

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