Noisy AR hihats?

Hello there! I’m looking to buy an AR mk1 from a fellow Finn and he says the unit is otherwise in good condition but the hihats are noisy/distorted. He sent me this sound file (, so I thought I’d ask what you people think. The HH sounds start at the 28s mark.

Looking at the forum, I see many people have experienced noise issues with the AR, but from what I understand they don’t tend to be related to a single sound engine.

Hopefully some of you can help with defining how serious an issue this is. Thanks for your help!

Well, it’s as serious as it sounds.
Ask if it’s only the synth engine that’s affected. Or, does it also present if just a sample is being used. Then email Elektron and ask if there’s an easy fix.

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I think you need to send elektron support that audio link. Most likely they will know what the problem might be.

Has the seller tried recalibrating?


It doesn’t sound good, that’s for sure. Thanks for the tip, have to ask if the problem presents itself in the sample portion of the sound as well.

By recalibrating, do you mean restoring factory settings? And yes, I might just send an email to Elektron (although I’m not exactly a priority customer, as I don’t own the unit question). The seller says he’s just too busy to figure out what’s wrong with the unit.

No. It’s in the Global menu.

13.8.4 CALIBRATION The Analog Rytm calibration routine is found here. Calibration will start the calibration routine for the oscillators and filters. After selecting this option, a popup window asking to confirm the calibration will appear. Press [YES/SAVE] to proceed with the calibration. Please note that the calibration routine takes quite a while to complete. Please note that during calibration there will be loud and unpleasant sounds on the individual outs. Disconnect these during calibration.
Analog Rytm is factory calibrated. It should not be re-calibrated unless specifically stated by Elektron Support or if prompted by the machine. Before calibrating, it is important that the unit has been turned on for at least two hours to attain working temperatur

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Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated!

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