Noisebuam - Sinister Spells From Subterranean Lairs

Hi, we are Noisebuam from Bavaria, Germany. We just released our first album, “Sinister spells from subterranean lairs” - the process was to do eight 1-2 hour improvised electronic jam sessions and then edit each one down to actually listenable tracks. Or in other words, get rid of the 95% of boring and/or shitty parts and then piece together the remaining good stuff.

The transitions between parts were done inside the DAW but everything else you hear was recorded live.

No overdubs and no post-processing apart from EQ and panning.

Gear used: Various Elektron boxes (mainly Digitakt, Digitone and Monomachine), Eurorack, a Microfreak, Korg opSix, Yamaha DX200 and a Hydrasynth.

If you like it, you can listen to the entire 8-track album on or stream it on Spotify/Amazon Music/Tidal/iTunes/whatever you prefer.

We are in the process of doing a video for each of the tracks and uploading them to YouTube, these are the first two:

I would love to hear your thoughts.