Noise with Digitone

Is the digitone is capable to produce really nasty/noisy sounds using the offset ratio?
I have searched youtube but I founded nothing really arch/noisy.

This may be useful:

This is all digitone mixed in post (ob beta)


Oh… yeah, it gets really nasty. You’re probably going to have to dig into one yourself to find the scum, since noise isn’t really very hot with the youtubers.

The patches do tend to sound VERY “FM synth” though. When going for the grit I’ve found myself throwing a lot of work out because it screams “DIGITONE.”

I might suggest starting with the wavefolding trick (on youtube) and build from there. It’s a pretty harsh place to start from.

edit I saw percussion come up. Wow, yeah, Digitone will make some of the grossest percussion you’ve ever heard. Even a lot of the presets are pretty ugly.


Lot of talk but no real sounds :slight_smile:

Oh yes nice! Thanks!

I don’t possese the digitone (yet?)
I think we will see soon release of other FM synths.

Twisted Electrons Mega FM
Korg Opsix?

I try to wait to make the best choice :wink:

Recorded this before the ratio offset update. All Digitone, no post processing.

If you can imagine a sound, I’m pretty confident the Digitone can make it.


Really great!

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theyre on my zoom, and someday soon I’ll be able to afford the dongle that lets me import from SD card :wink:

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Random question: anyone tried making vinyl noise on Digitone?

Haven’t, but can’t imagine it would be all that difficult, the amp envelope is just about snappy enough and using probability on the sequencer for randomness should get you somewhere near enough.

OUCH thats menacing!
Thanks for sharing!

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How did you get those percussive sounds around 1:43… sounds like a hi-fi bongo or something, but definitely electronic. (Loved the whole track btw.)

So that’s actually the same drone isolated via overbridge and I’m running it through a multi band trance gate in reason called alligator. Then it’s sent through an impulse response of a diy plate reverb. I found the files on YouTube you can. Search it and find them. But basically fucked up fm drone through different filter pings and a lo fi plate reverb. Is how ya get that part.

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