Noise music on the OT?

I’ve been without gear and not making music for a while, but now I’ll buy a OT and a sherman FB, and get back to making music! Wuhuuu :slight_smile:

I mainly make noisy beats, some may call it rhythmic noise or whatever. So out of interest are any of the guys making noise music on the OT?

I also like the idea about using it as multiple tape recorders to make loop like Aaron Dilloway and run everything through the lovely sherman - but haven’t really though that project through. But I’m really love thinking about weird and harsh ways to use the OT. It’s such a versatile machine, that can do anything - you just have to figure out how to do it :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening everybody!


You have an example of noisy beats?


With that combo, you can make the crasiests noisy things, use internal feedback, OT filter distortion and lofi fx, and tame everything if you wish.
The sherman can be used as an fx loop, feedbacked.
8 independant recorders with their sequencer tracks, recordings can be played on any step of any track, mangled while recording.

So don’t worry, OT is REALLY capable. :loopy:

Soft examples using noise with OT. Making something much harsher is pretty easy. Count on me for something noisier !

Analog Heat midi controlled by OT
A jack plugged, then a guitar. Raw sound from AH.

Nothing plugged, no samples, only Comb Filters and Compressor as fx, sampling inputs noise.

Same principle with other fx and internal feedback.

MPC500 played by OT, OT distorsion.

loop mangling


There is all types of crazy shit you can do with the octatrack, including some audio feedback (cue -> input A/B) you could use the filterbank as a sends this way and get some ridiculous stuff. Its just a matter of how far you want to push it.

My jamuary last night is heavily distorted/ overdriven drums, resampled and realtime processed. The drums themselves come from a live machine drum, but you could just as easily start with samples on the OT.


I did this recently, it’s a bunch of live sampling records to make creepy musique concrète loops and it gets pretty grimy at points


…as us see/hear in a beautyful range of examples…ot can do the noise job pretty fine…all alone.
and as u also should consider, if we’re talking noise here…if u wanna add something to it, think about the heat…

if ur not really experienced with the sherman, it can be quite depressing to finally end up with truly satisfiing results…not to mention the constant danger of serious damage to ur ears, if u don’t know exactly what ur doing with it…

so, heat can fuk up everything for real, distort and filter everything for real, boom everything for real, make anything shine for real, destroy and stutter up as hell and back, no matter what u feed it with, always with truu analog balls, costs the same in brand new as the pretty outdated ex cult filter from belgium hell once called sherman…that has way more a plastik transistor charme in most of it’s sonic results…

Just made this with OT, one bar with 3 MD samples.

Filter distortion, lofi, feedback, reverb.


bruh this is tight!

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I’d say outside of buying and old sampler the OT is your best choice. I say this because old samplers actually really do offer a lot of power. I would imagine you would benefit from lots of possible variations at your finger tips to get the creativity and unexpected results going. scenes will give you a lot of this. people have various complaints about the looper but even without using the looper machine you have access to 8 recording buffers at once (though only four inputs other than resampling). Can’t think of much else currently sold that would give you that.

Even if modular you’ll be hardpressed. I have a morphagene and its not going to do what the OT does and not x8 either.

OT has a lot to help you get unexpected results with samplers (random lfo’s help a lot) plus inputs to route the sherman back in.

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Is the interesting phasy panning does on the computer or straight out of your OT?

not just for noise but this is one of my favourite OT vids period


kinda noisy beats… lot’s of OT comb filter, drum samples, fast LFOs scanning through samples and stuff.


That’s rad

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I don’t think there was any post OT processing that was all one take and then just a little compression for some glue

Often thought OT with a few carefully chosen pedals and a synth would be amazing for power electronics and harsh noise…


OT is centre of my (often noisy) live sets… not very beat-y (in fact favourite compliment I had after a show was “oh you’re using an OT, it didn’t sound like OT music”, ha!)

these are some old studio jams .(should really post some more recent ones soon!)
OT, guitar, distortion pedal, Eventide Space for reverse reverb, then RNLA on the full mix.

and these are two (very) rough live sets from last year, - still trying to refine my approach here which is why they’re not on my public soundcloud feed


Love this! All OT?

Those sound great @ignatius and @_dspk!
I came across this yesterday, fantastic, immediately wanted to try it.


Very noice examples from everyone ! :content:

What is OT music? :thinking:
That can be another topic! :content:

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I don’t know, but it’s no coincidence that OT is two thirds of Tom backwards…

Makes you think…