No volume through any input due to phase cancel

I’m trying to plug in my ipad into OT input A,B but not getting any volume from OT. DIR is cranked up, there’s a trig on thru track and it’s playing. Tried input type A B and A+B.
Later when i plugged in my volca sample, again no sound from OT. However, when i started panning sounds on Volca, I’m getting good level out from OT. Does this proves there’s phase cancellation happening?
How can i fix this? I’m using a Y-type splitter cable which has black lines on the audio jack.

Edit: also tried using single 3.5mm cable from Volca into single input in OT. Same issue.

Using a cable like this in input A and B?
Leds and DIR should suffice for audio tests, if samples are played correctly.
I’d try another cable.