“No timewasters”

Why do people write this when selling stuff, do they come along and read it then think “ooh I better not then”

Post your best time wasters. One time I was selling a guitar and I had a guy really enthusiastically message back and forth about it. Absolutely mint fender Strat, set up perfect. I agreed for him to come round and have a quick blast on the guitar. He turns up with his full amp and pedal board etc and his two kids. I thought okay no big, helped him carry the amp and stuff upstairs into my studio. The guy sets up and starts jamming.

I sat and watched not wanting to leave a stranger and kids in my studio alone. I was desperate to sell the guitar at the time so I didn’t complain. He spent a full hour playing loving it. then come the end of the hour when his kids look bored dead he starts fiddling with the guitar then said “I’ll have a think about it” . I felt like I’d been held musical hostage for a gig I didn’t want to go to. I can’t tell you how fucking pissed I was and I couldn’t really kick off with two small kids there. I closed the door on him without a goodbye, I was furious. my missus was in disbelief that it hadn’t sold, she found it a lot funnier than I did. From now on people get to test on the front garden, never again


I’ve always been really lucky. I’ve sold a bunch of stuff on various sites and, so far, haven’t had any dickheads beyond the usual eBay and Gumtree lowballers.

Of course, now I’ve said that, the next thing I sell will be cursed and my life will be swamped by tyre kickers.

Also, I’d definitely have punched the guy in the back of the head as he left, I’m passive aggressive like that.


I once drove an hour one way to trade a very nice violin (Eastman) for a Casio Cdp 100 piano. I was getting the short end of the deal but was in a pinch for a 88 weighted key setup. Jerk off kid and his family kept me there an hour plus, playing it, showing it to new family members that arrived , until finally dinner was ready and the kid said “nah, I think I’ll keep playing piano”.
I was livid, I didn’t realize the kid was deciding on a life path, they claimed they wanted to just make sure it was a good trade in the email.
At least the sister apologized on my way out:
No more effing trades :slight_smile:


Not quite OT but I send disturbingly graphic suggestions to ‘scammers’. You know, the ones you can spot from several kilometres.
Never get a reply for some reason :laughing:

Man what is wrong with people. I don’t know how they do it. It’s funny afterwards but at the time it’s jaw dropping. the worst part is you literally have to just say ok cool

@BeardyJack I lead on the obvious ones now and see how long I can keep them going


I no longer offer collection, too many timewasters/lowballers/scammers about.


I’ve marched people out of my house/office for trying to dick me around. Some change their mind and offer the cash but I still won’t sell. Don’t care how desperate I am for the money, if you act disrespectfully you leave empty handed.

On one occasion a bloke came to my house to buy a Digital Multitrack Recorder. It was up for sale for £1500. Immediately he asked me what it does. Like he had no clue what he’d come to buy. Despite the instant sinking feeling I proceeded to talk him through it. He then offered me £200. I literally took him by the arm and without a single word I removed him from my house.


My dudes, I’ve had so many of these experiences. Had a Sub37 up for sale. Young brat and his friend drove 200km to pick it up. Kid played it for an hour, then going ”I’m so indecisive. Not only on this but as a person in general.” I askes him, why you driving for hours for shit you don’t even know if you want? He goes, ”I dunno.” His mate is readily pissed, looks at him and says: ”This is the last fucking time. You’re paying for gas, dick.”


Sounds like the same people who buy frantically from online music stores. Though knowing for a fact they will return the item(s).
We live in a world where respect does not mean much anymore.
Oxygen thieves.


I’m still thinking about it. My kids had a good time though.


I had a guy once come over to buy my Push 1… we got talking, then he bought it, then we kept talking…the guy stayed for eight hours(!) and just jammed on the thing in my studio. He was a cool dude with some serious music biz experience though, so it was a cool encounter all in all. I just remember my wife coming up to me after he left with a confused look on her face along the lines of “what the hell was that?!” lol


I thought you were going to say he asked for a refund after the 8 hrs jamming on it.


Pro tip: no demos.

Buy it, or don’t. Don’t fuck with my precious time :slight_smile:

OR: you can charge $140/hr for demo time.


That’s a policy I can get behind

@Meriphew that gave me a good laugh man. I know you’re lying cause the kids looked as mortified as me but from their reaction I don’t think it’s his first or last time


I’ve never sold anything in person from my home. the only time I’ll ever (and this goes back to the mid-90’s) sell something in person, I’ll meet up with them somewhere and swap the goods/cash in person. that way 1) I avoid potential lunatics and thieves knowing where I live, and 2) they can’t set up shop for an hour and BS me. you’re in the parking lot of a truck stop, do you want the thing, or no?

the only time I budged from this was when my wife and I sold some furniture on FB marketplace. but 1) we knew their name already, 2) the stuff was on our front porch, not in our house, and 3) it’s not like I’m gonna haul furniture all over town to get rid of it. if it doesn’t sell in a day or two, I’m throwing it out.

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I have one. Not exactly a time waster, but a person drove an hour to meet me to buy a strymon Timeline I had for sale. He plugged it in and made sure it worked and then said since he had to drive an hour that he wanted like 70 bucks off. What a jerk.


Mostly I’ve enjoyed buying and selling in person - good chats etc. Think I also just like seeing other people’s places!

Some of that visiting/having visitors seems a bit naive/risky now. Don’t think I’d travel to a rural station then car ride with the seller to a proper remote farmhouse down a dirt track to buy a sampler now! especially after only a couple of emails - but the guy was great - good music insights and some recommendations. Great location really. The sampler still carries the good vibes of that day :slight_smile:


I had someone make a 3 hour train journey to me to buy a car. I was completely up front with them about the condition of the car, and we had agreed on a price before they came. I met them in the car at the station, let them drive back to my house and inspect it. After about an hour (and after finding nothing I hadn’t told them about), they tried to knock €500 off the agreed price (which was only €2500 to begin with).

Fortunately not only did I know that they faced a 3 hour train journey back home if they didn’t buy, but they had missed the last train. Not the strongest bargaining position to be in for them, and I got my €2500 after I stopped laughing.


I just caught my wife massively low balling someone on eBay. The starting bid was £24 with 6 days left and she messaged the seller and offered them £21 for it. She’s wondering why the seller hasn’t responded…

What a prick.


I’m strictly “meet me in the guitar center parking lot with cash”. I sometimes have the opposite problem - people who seem entirely uninterested in testing things out even a little. I suppose it is good that they trust it all works.