No songmode, what's a nice solution? (digitakt + digitone)

I hope song mode is never added.


By the way, you can change in time your sequence if you use octatrack as master sequencer. In that case the pattern on the slave elektron machine will be the same as the OT.

I hope the standalone version of overbridge is going to address this in some way

I keep picking up likes for a post I made some months ago explaining how I had never used song mode on my A4 and don’t miss it on other devices…

Just wanted to set the record straight that I now love song mode on the A4 now and it’s better for me than arranger on the Octatrack…

I made a liar out of myself!


I hope they take away the ability to save presets too, that way you have to create your sounds every time you power up the machine. Would be cool if they would take the display screen away as well. Maybe they could remove midi capability too.

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Have the feature there to use is great. Some will use it, some may not, but it doesn’t hurt to have the capability included just in case.

Heyyy, since this thread got a bump I will take the opportunity to share with you my DIY Song Mode tutorial!

It’s just a step-by-step guide on how to use the MIDI loopback to send Program Change and create pattern chains that you can save within your project. Nothing groundbreaking I’m afraid but it works pretty nicely. :slight_smile:


You are absolutely right. The more subtractive the thinking, the better the music.

I know right? They should also make it with buggy software so that you always have to stay on your toes.

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Didnt read all 100+ posts
For me Midi loopback didnt work
Maybe my cable is old, i dont know,
But it gives weird audio triggered my midi feedback (i think)
At the end it just doest work

But if you have digitakt and digitone
Why not sending program changes from your midi tracks
To the other device
I e with a MIDI track of the digitone, changing programs on digitakt

And if you want to, they can be midi-synced to pattern too
So the digitone will pattern change automatically too

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Dude, I don’t know how you can be right, righteous, and so cutting edge all at once, but do you think you could PM me your address? I want to give you all my money.

I second the OT solution. If you are really interested in having all the goodness of Elektron style music-making than the OT is the missing piece.

It just comes natural to me. I hear that all the time.

Can someone confirm whether Octatrack’s Arranger can trigger Digitone patterns without weird sync issues, pattern starting late, etc. if the Digitone pattern is of a different length than the Arranger’s?

It was implied in the other thread that the Arranger does not play well w/ other Elektron sequencers unless all patterns are set to the same length.

Is there a post about learning how to chain patterns? I’m new at this, the cuckoo vid didn’t go into much detail


I am song mode…

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Why would you buy something that doesn’t fit your needs?

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Show me your song mode in action while you’re playing guitar.

I am Neegan.