No songmode, what's a nice solution? (digitakt + digitone)

These machines do have pattern chaining though right?
It might not be an actual “song mode,” but the limitation would have me building songs based on consecutive patterns per bank, then just chaining them manually.

As suggested though, the OT has a great song mode, lots of midi out for the other boxes too.

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I think any machine that has midi sequencing should have a song mode. Especially if you have longer chord progressions or melodies.

What Elektron could do is give us time signatures per track instead of song mode. That way we can fit longer chord progressions and melodies in a single pattern.


Or unlimited pattern length with unlimited pages. Then a single pattern becomes the song and you can copy pages as needed across the pattern.

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Reminds me of the MPC. Just make a 999 bar pattern and overdub and sculpt till satisfied. I wouldn’t mind that either.


Cool, I wasn’t aware that idea existed before. The Digitone only has 4 page LEDs but it could be done via software and button combos to select any page number.

No setup is going to please everybody but I think some form of song mode would please a lot of people.

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And why would you, it’s an analog synth not a dedicated rhythm box with MIDI sequencing for up to 8 tracks.

One solution would be a new box, that is just the elektron sequencer with song mode. Digiseq. I bet this is the plan.

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Otherwise you can always do it in the “old way”. L + R output straight into audio interface’s inputs

So if you use the elektron sync protocol the machines should stay in sync with each other pattern wise. I.e pattern a1 is playing on the digitakt and the digitone change to pattern a2 on the digitakt and the pattern on the digitone will change to a2. No extra program change messages to input. So the machines can stay in sync that way.
Then the idea would be to write your tracks in a single bank so they can be chained together. Utilizing global/pattern mutes and global/pattern tempo you can simulate song mode.
But, ultimately It’s not song mode and a little more difficult to do.

The program change bug on the digitakt is when it’s slaved not when it’s the master.

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Not saying I demand an explanation but if they offer us reasons why they choose to do so than it would of course be very appricated. Nobody but Elektron knows the real reasons, maybe it takes up to much resources (which i doubt) or there’s another good excuse. If Elektron doesn’t provide an explanation than all we can do is guess.

PS. Would be awesome if Elektron released another DigiXXX that basically has Overbridge, song mode and other great features in one device. My guess is many would jump right on it. (specially those who don’t want a computer in their setup) Again i’m no technician or programmer but I think making a dedicated box with OB would also be much more stable than creating a plugin for users that will run it with different hard- and software.

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No song mode. Play live. It’s funner

Or chain your patterns


You made my exact point in your post. Elektron said there would be a viable option to not having song mode on the DT, so where is it? They’ve released 4 new products since then.

And if I want to gripe about a missing basic feature on an expensive piece of gear, I’ll do so freely. Elektron needs all feedback, not just people patting them on the back.


I’m fine with chaining patterns, as long as it is saved and not erased as soon as you power down.


When you power the machine down, it doesn’t save your pattern chains. That means the next time you turn the unit on, it’s gone. That’s not very useful IMO.


They’re in business to sell machines. Song mode would make their devices more attractive to more people. The lack of it is costing them sales. I would own both a DT and a DN if they had song mode. I have zero use for them when they don’t.


Buuut far less useful in a studio environment.

Toys are for fun.

Tools are for work.

I guess :3lektron: just makes toys

Yes, it will be called Digiseq - another 750$. So for a cool 3K you can have all four digitakt sized boxes and then, maybe then, you can ditch your DAW

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Pattern organisation and change them live is one possible solution, but it depends on if you need your hands free for other stuff, I suppose a midi foot controller could be used in that case. I can see the appeal of song mode, and I have used it on other Elektron machines occasionally but more often than not I prefer the fluidity of doing pattern changes, mutes and tweaks live, the machines lend themselves to this very nicely and it is a lot of fun and can result in coming up with less predictable structures “do what you feel” just ABR (always be recording) and worse case you will have a bunch of versions that can be comped down to the perfect take.


Whoa is this true? So if I slave Ableton clock to DT, but send PC from Ableton it will work? Can I slave Ableton to DT? I need to try if true…

Not viable when tracking down my studio easily takes 16+ tracks