No signal from Analog Four


Hey there.

I just got myself an analog four and I’ve been trying to get started connecting it to my computer and Ableton. When I plug the audio cables in my scarlett focusrite the lights at gate 01 and 02 knobs light up briefly. But then I hit play and I hear no sound. Everything seems to be plugged right, the audio settings are same as always.

Everything worked fine with the Machinedrum that way.

Does anybody have an idea for me?


Have you checked that you got the right power supply? I had this issue once because I accidentally used a power supply with too low voltage.


THAT WAS IT!! I used the cable from the Machinedrum. Oh, god you made my day!! :slight_smile:


I can highly recommend this:
I label every power supply with it. Saved me already a lot of stress.