No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss [implemented version 1.02]

Not being able to audition is indeed a weird fact. Will try that out.

Thanks @zeyensfiction, let me know how you get on!

Actually you can audition. in the same iway you do for the primary track samples. Just keep pushing a trig iduring sample lock wav select and you can tab the track button to pre listen. Straightforward and as exactly as expected. The locks folder contains the 6 main samples plus up to 20 lock samples. It’s a nice overview. To me the sample locks are actually a mess. Even though the tracks are way richer, the set locks are pretty unaccessible. it’s a bit of a “fire and forget” concept on the M:S. Once set it’s SO hard to tell the locked trig’s apart form the main sequence. Almost unmaintainable if you overuse this. BUT…I spent 6 hours in a row twisting knobs yesterday. Its an AMAZING update. I love this little lunch box 200% more now… :grin:


Thanks for the heads up @zeyensfiction!

I can’t wait for the battery pack now, so I can get twisting on my lunch break.

Think I might try to make a chopped sequence in my daw then fire these into the m:s. Still trying to find the right workflow for the m:s, but it sure is a winner.

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I made a little something where I make heavy use of sample locks:

Also pushing the sequencer with some polyrythms and different time signatures, to make a sort of Best Of-features for the Model:Samples.