No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss [implemented version 1.02]

On DT a sample lock is a parameter lock so this applies:

DT also has sound locks, 128 per project, difference being they include every parameter of the edit pages instead of only sample selection…


Good info. I’ve only ever run out of parameter locks once and that was on the Rytm.

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Rytm has same limits as DT.
Octatrack can lock every parameter! :grin:

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Wow great news! :clap:

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Didn’t see that one coming.

Elektron getting great at implementing some of the most requested features!


Wow. Did not see this coming! Cheers Elektron!

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Great stuff --now please consider Overbridge 2 for Model:samples. Im guessing the hardware architecture would be Overbridge 2 “ready” :slight_smile:

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WOW this is such an awesome update, M:S just became much cooler, like MUCH cooler! Nice job Elektron!

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Got it loaded, awesome, thanks Elektron!

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It is now time to add scale per track to Digitakt to justify the price gap / hike.


Only OT and M:S have it, there’s the Analogs too! :smiley:
I’m not one to demand anything but certainly my AR wouldn’t mind…
I’m chill though, whatever happens happens… They all rock as is… :slight_smile:

Suddenly makes this a very interesting piece of gear. Well done Elektron!

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I’ve not had time to test this, but I recall on the DT, that trigs with sample locks did not get effected by Ctrl-All parameter changes, which made it, for me at least, troublesome to use effectively. Is that still the case? Was it ever the case, or am I mis-remembering? Thanks

Elektron, you made my weekend! I KNEW this would be possible. If this is possible, many other, less complex feature requests will also be feasible, I guess.

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Yes… This behavior persists. Control All excludes sample locks…

I just tried Ctrl-all and it affected sample locks as well. Maybe you’re doing something differently?

Locking looped single cycles is yielding some interesting results. Kind of a short wave table sort of thing. I’m really having some fun with this. Stuff I’ve done on other hardware, but it really adds to the M:S


Sorry… Tried again this morning. I had a lot of other gear running and the hats from my other drum machine had obviously not been affected by by the control change which made it sound like @yobink was right but Control-All affects all also sample locks. Nice!

Does anybody know what the locks folder is for?

I’ve not had time to update the MS, but I’m wondering if there is a way to audition your sample before locking it? I guess it’s a case of assigning sample to a track, audition, locking to trig, then assign another to track, audition…rinse and repeat?

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Man, had no gas so far, but now I am not that sure anymore… strange… :rofl: