No Sample Locks : Model:Samples workarounds



I’ve noticed that you can’t change samples on a per trig basis on the M/S like U can on almost any Elektron machine. Unless Im missing something and if not this is TRAGIC because it means that the machine is handicapped and you are stuck with basically one sample per track. And it seems that in this case it is true. This would mean that six tracks on the M/S in my opinion is not enough.
One sample per track is NOT enough!! not when we only have SIX TRACKS.
Then I think the M/S is too expensive.

Im a heavy Elektron user, that aside…
I can make a song in six tracks, I’m ok with it as long if Elektron gives us full trig control and interchangeable sample trigs. this would unlock another yet common amazing possibility for this machine/“groove box”.

Aside from that I think the Model/Samples is really GOOD. But if they choose to fix the trigger samples thing (WAVE PARAMETER LOCKS) then the unit can be truly GREAT and maybe even amazing at best.

much love!


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