No Patterns Loaded in New Model: Samples


I just got one and there’s no factory sequences loaded in any banks I tried. Does the update on Elektron site give you a basic set?

Also one question. If you want to change a bass drum for instance, do you always have to back up to a new drum set and pick a new one from that? No scrolling through all potential bass drums or snares?

Thanks, Dan


That seems weird that there are no factory sequences. Make sure you are on the “Stock” project, and make sure you are in Bank A. Mine came with only the 16 sequences loaded in Bank A (The T1 Button).

For the factory samples, most are set up as kits. So if you would like to change just a bass drum, then you will have to back out of the folder, and go to another folder to try that bass drum. There is a “Misc.” folder that has some random bass drum, snares, etc. So if you load your own samples, you can choose to have them all in one folder, or separate them by instrument, or set them up in kits before you load them in.


I had to do a factory reset by turning the unit on and holding func in order for them to appear