No Note Length for Model:Samples?


Just rushed across the manual, so there really is no note length editable?
Just for Midi Tracks?

So the only way is to step lock the decay?


Decay or Sample Length.


Loopop shows a bunch of tricks and stuff for the M:S and compares it to the DT.


Ok. Forgot Sample Length. So you can’t record live sequences in realtime.

Thats a bit limiting. As the Digitakt can record Note Length live, right?


The trigs just trigger the sound according to start, length and decay so absolutely no way of ‘gating’ a sample, which would be very useful.
Then again riding the decay or length as modulation gets you there and both are lfo destinations.

The Model:Samples is the runt of the litter. But you will still fall in love with the poor little thing :kissing_closed_eyes:


Thanks BeardyJack. I am still comparing the Digitakt to the Model.

I had the Digitakt, but its too complex for me in a live situation.
And besides the Digitone takes enough of my thinking brain…
I don’t use sample locks, but Digi can switch Samples by LFO, which is nice.

Thinking about SStart to LFO at the Model is another option to switch samples.
And using SStart as P-Locks of course.

Needs some of Preperation before.

Note Length wasnt on the list of limitation before.

I am sure I will fall in Love. More Fun!


I found the video that @Jukka shared about the M:S really helpful and informative, especially coming from a Digitakt and previous Elektron music machines perspective.


Yeah sample chains would be the obvious answer but it does require some planning and forethought.
And I won’t lie, the fact that 120 is not divisible by 16 really makes my life slightly harder when it comes to loops, even more so if said loops have swing.
Okay it’s fine if you’re locked to 4/4 but come on, why should we be?

I did not enjoy the sound of the DT yet I enjoyed it’s decimal resolution.
I enjoy the sound of the Model yet I despair it’s lack of decimal resolution. :joy::rofl::crazy_face::triumph::angry::rage:


I think as a pair they would do well, especially if starting out.