No LFO Sin Wav?

Am I crazy or is there no Sin wav available as one of the wav choices in the LFOs on the Octatrack?

Nope, no sine.


Well, yes it is available if you design it yourself !
No LFO curve is unavailable on OT !! :metal:


Show me your sine curve made in OT LFO designer


How much easier?
Make all the steps of the designer yellow (FN + Tempo) and draw a sine in any of its variations.


That’s my man.

@Microtribe, isn’t it beautiful?


Any idea why the plus value goes to 127 but the minus goes to 128? That would technically not be sinusoidal, or am I just to siney for this wave :ocean:


There are 256 values, one of which has to be zero.


It’s because on 8 bytes you have 256 values. One must be 0. You’re left 127 values for negative, and 128 for positive ones. But it’s a computer thing, nevermind and trust your ears.

Edit: @PeterHanes is quicker and even has the time to get a meme. Respect.


It should be minus 127 max, isn’t it?
Min / Max parameters values are 0 / 127.
127 - 128= - 1 so it doesn’t work.

for the positive and negative values to be symmetrical you would have to exclude 0, which is a pretty useful value.

Or exclude - 128? :thinking:

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8 bit is 8 bit, let it bit.

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Bit size matters…

I just figured French bit is English byte, but it doesn’t work anymore.

We were talking about sine LFO, at some point?

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Solved? Btw I didn’t follow maths but set the designer visually, so we can get closer to a real sine. Pretty quick to set up, you can set several values at the same time in lfo designer.

Is French octet, isn’t it ?
La chaleur peut-ĂŞtre ? :smile:
Canicule !

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I followed sin values for 22.5, 45, 67.5 and 90 degrees, multiplied by 127, obtained those 16 values :
0, 49, 90, 117, 127, 117, 90, 49,
0,-49, -90,-117,-127,-117,-90,-49

Hold trigs + Tempo for Interpolation (4 by 4)
You can set 2 values at the same time.

Btw, the graphic is not symmetrical.


Pretty impressive sin wav you have managed to design.

Nobody has mentioned though why Elektron made such an obvious omission.

(Learn to love the constraints).

Nice. I did it slightly differently; only because have start/end and floor/ceiling values to account for :wink:

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