No external MIDI = sadness


A guy is selling a non +Drive (but mk2) on AudioFanzine for 550€…
But price is rising, even for non +Drive

OT can be found for 750€ on AF.

Wow, interesting deals…


There is a guy selling a md for 800 cdn here in Vancouver right now. I never buy on ebay anymore. It’s a rip to everyone involved.


if you’re not loath to use a computer, check out Numerology. has probability parameters and all sorts of other craziness


I thought the rytm can now use impulse trigs to sequence CV gear, isn’t that machine for that?


It’s quite shitty and the main reason I got rid of my Analog Keys.


I wouldn’t say it was for that, I think its utility is more useful internally - it can trigger external devices, but not all (if they require a hotter signal that the AR is capable) - stuff like Korg Volcas etc will be fine


but you knew it didnt do this before buying it, right?


Yes I did. But it bothered me too much in the long term. Like it’s crippled. I still like the Rytm though. Maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much with the A4 (without keys).


Isn’t there some CV to MIDI converters such as MIDI Pal out there ?
I’ve always thought A4/K was capable in his area…


Personally I never really considered the AK’s sequencer to belong in the MIDI world. I knew it did CV when I bought it and was excited by the prospect.

plastic you say it wouldn’t bother you without the keys, but for me the multimode setting that allows me to play midi along side it actually does the trick.

Do people expect it to sequence CC and stuff? and have CC LFOs? I guess add another track for MIDI… or use the FX track… but won’t that mess with FX sequencing? I can’t really picture the thing providing a midi sequencer with that would fit Elektron’s standards.

The sequencer on the AK is all about changing sounds in an instant and really going crazy sharing voices and getting the effects whipping around and stuff. You would never be able to do MIDI justice hacked on top of it. Better off just focusing on what it’s built for. I imagine when coding the thing, especially the performance knobs and stuff, that not having to integrate MIDI coding into it made it a better product that is less buggy. A code base that is easier to update with new features for sequencing the sounds built inside of it.


RytmTrak, as you say it can do some neat midi tricks but then stops. That’s what annoyed me. When I jam with an Elektron box I expect to be able to sequence everything immediately and the AK is connected that way. It feels like broken/crippled functionality.
Note, lenght and velocity would have been enough for me, 1 CC per trig/lfo would be awesome.
It doesn’t need to be the full load of midi, the AK can’t even sequence it’s own joystick for example and it’s ok.
I guess why the same isn’t bothering me with the Rytm is that it doesn’t play nice with other gear in the first place. I don’t get into the same situation with it. Still would be nice though if it could send out midi, like about every other drum machine on the planet.


I dunno, I like instruments that are focused, am I the only one? Do one, or a few at most things but do them well, instead of trying to do everything at the same time. I don’t miss MIDI sequencing functions on the A4 or AR, they’d just convolute the workflow. I like the AR (and A4) exactly the way it is now, I don’t want them to add functions that the unit doesn’t even have dedicated controls for.

There are PLENTY of sequencers out there to choose from, in all price categories, just take your pick.


Crippled is a strong word, especially considering it was never sold with this feature advertised.


…but for sure it would be a nice addition to just use the MD Midi Machines on all left four tracks on the Rytm. some kind of a side chain midi control just by pressing trackbutton+trig button 13-16.

Control window with all CC and note messages…even chromatic mode would be KIller with midi.

…and i think somethings coming…A4/AK—CV / RYTM—Impulse and MIDI.

…at least i would love to see some Poly Machines with the RYTm.


Interesting point…
I like the idea of using the 4 tracks left for unlocking MIDI control :slight_smile:
But for me OT does it well :smile:


Agree, it would be definitely ace if you could just select a “midi machine” for a pad in Rytm!


I never really depended on the older elektron boxes for midi, the MnM is ok but I prefer the MPC for midi sequencing. On the other hand the OT does a great job for midi duties.


If the AR had a MIDI out track, the Heat would become a lot more viable to me.
A single Midi track ( note + 2 ccs) would also allow me to pair my Moog Minitaur with the RYTM which would be amazing.
I use the word “crippled” despite the RYTM not being sold with this option as it seems like the RYTM should have no problem sending out basic MIDI from the sequencer. It already sends it from the pads and knobs.
I know I’m not the first to feel this way.
Was there ever an official response from Elektron as to why?
I know the usual user response is to sell different machines for different tasks. BUT, we got simple sample management which is Octatracks main purpose … Why not simple MIDI out too?


Ahaha you’d better get you an OT, @BonfireTesticular
:japanese_goblin: You know you deserve it !!



yupp, the OT and AR is a damn fine combo!