No external MIDI = sadness


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I would really love to be able to record the midi sequences I make in my Rytm to my DAW. It really limits my workflow when I have to choose between one of the two sequencing options and stick with it for the whole project. I want the playability of the Rytm with flexibility of editing midi in Ableton, but sadly I have to choose.


Hi. I would like to echo the above sentiment. I would love to stream what’s happening MIDIwise into my DAW and have maximum flexibility with MIDI editing. I do love how the RYTM sequencer functions, but would love some outside editing/control from time to time. Don’t see how this would be much of a processor drag to implement or require much beyond a box to check/uncheck within the MIDI setup page.
Has anyone heard anything regarding this from someone at Elektron?


Jeez people. Use an iPad to sequence midi out!


and miss out on the awesome that is conditional trigs and plocking? noo way!

Overbridge is supposed to introduce pattern I/O at some point, hang in there…


On a similar vain to the discussion so far, is it at all possible to send program change midi messages from the AR? I’m hazarding a guess not as I can’t see anything in the manual about CC messages being sent out or CC machines… but worth an ask right?


If enabled, the AR sends Program Change messages when its pattern changes. See page 55 of the 1.30 manual.

(You also mentioned CC messages, which are different from Program Change messages. CC messages (or NRPN, if you prefer) can be sent from the DATA ENTRY knobs; see page 56 of the manual.)


Cheers! That’s what I’m after. Great that CC messages are also possible! :smiley:


CC messages can only be sent from the knobs, if you sequence the knob movements (by plocking for example), nothing will be sent out.


It seems every silver box they made (maybe not the SID, idk) had external MIDI. Now, the only unit is the dated Octatrack.
I was on the fence about getting one but it seems there are still bugs that aren’t being fixed and some things just need updating, which will never happen apparently.
I feel they missed a huge oppurtunity on the Heat. If they put a 4 track sequencer that could be used internally and externally, then it would have been the smash hit of the year, and justified the price. H ll, I would have paid even more. After all that speculation, I personally feel very disappointed.

I own the RYTM and I am still irritated by the lack of external MIDI. I have a microgranny that would be the perfect RYTM companion if only they hadn’t arbitrarily crippled it.

I’m also befuddled that they stop production on the silver boxes when there was such a demand. I didn’t have $$ laying around during that time but I assumed they would make them for longer than 2-3 months after price redux.

So What, we have to wait until the Octa 2?? Come on Elektron, whats the long game strategy here? Adding external MIDI to your other units doesn’t seem like to much to ask.


No, get you an Octatrack.
Bugs don’t bug me, and as incomplete as it is it’s one of the deepest machine I know…


Honestly, its the saving paradigm that dissuades me most. Also, they are impossible to find anywhere to get hands on time so I dont really know how bad the bugs will bother me. The fact that they aren’t being fixed lately only adds to the problem.


They aren’t that many bugs left.
Aim for a used one, I don’t think trying one in a shop would really help you making up your mind…
You can always resale for the same price.

OT MIDI control is a part I use a lot, and enjoy.


Save parts, save anything in the recording buffers, save project. It’s not a big deal once you know what you need to do. The OT has a bunch of flaws but I wouldn’t call this one a dealbreaker.


Does anyone know a retailer in western North Carolina (US)?
I live in Asheville and Moog was carrying Elektron for awhile but never an Octatrack for some reason.


ebay / mail order ?

little reason to need a store unless you want to try it out , and trying out an octatrack probably isnt the easiest device to dig into .

personally i bought all mine second hand , elektron stuff tends to be looked after when people spend lots of money on them.


Indeed you are going to need at least a month with the Octa before you can get to know it.


I want to send conditional trigs to other gear :frowning:


Machinedrum can sequence too, and is cheaper than OT.


The only MDs I’ve seen lately are used on Ebay for much more than they sold for new 3 minutes months ago. Do you know of any new ones? Or fairly priced used?