No external MIDI = sadness


quote: The Jomox Aloha Base does not; the arturia drumbrute does not.

Both statements are not true, they do midi out just fine.
Not sure where you get your information.

learning the old lesson yet again after many, many years of knowing: never ever speak critically of elektron on the elektron forum, sigh…



Yes they send clock but so does the AR. What exactly do you want from “midi out” the 808/909, AB and DB provide that the AR doesn’t?


note sequencing, not talking about clock tempo

and the roland tr808 has no midi
the 1983 TR909 does, so it’s sequencing midi notes just fine.

again, not sure where you get your information from

this distraction is a waste of my time
still not liking midi out omission :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough. I stand corrected on the DB (the Ab still doesnt) I didn’t see mention of it on Arturias product page.

The larger point - that a number of drummachines in the last 40 years don’t sequence (the 909 is basically nothing) - still holds.


No source but some thought: Midi baud rate is fixed by design and convention (and pretty slow to nowadays standards), which is great for inter-operability but not so great if you want the kind of fast modulations and sequences you can get internally (think p-lock/lfo mayhem)


peeling of al rhetoric and pretention i read: ‘no source’.

so much fun to talk to people that use the words fake news when speaking about a drummachine

if there was an official statement, then this thread could end with the quote of the official stating that it is technically impossible. now there are only speculations. for all of us it seems.


Elektron have stated in various interviews that the Analog Series does not work on midi. Could partially explain how the A4 sequences CV instead of midi.


CV is continuous, thus not limited by an interface rate.

Arguably, it should be possible to downgrade sequences and modulations so that any internal sequencing could be partially sent via midi, but I guess they decided it was not worth it. Best example I can think of is the OT xfader which can’t be used to transition midi controllers. I regret it but I can understand why.


We done then?


If this is a statement from an elektron spokesman then my suggestion that the midi data is getting ‘blocked’ seems wrong.
But the statement clearly leaves room for possibilities doesn’t it?

I want midi out for the new analog rytm mk2!
…and for mk1 too off course, if technically possible …

I own both btw, you think i can have this wish/hope?
thank you


If we’re taking bets here I would say no.


The end in the middle of the story?

Was this thread written by Charlie Kaufman?


i would hope you would loose that bet

i expect quite some interesting updates for the Rytm mk2, due to it’s young age


I hope too ! But honestly I find it better to not expect anything… so I can have little surprises from time to time (just like the DT compressor !).


I dont need it but itd be nice…not least to kill this thread :wink:


yes this thread is realy really bad :wink:

people should be stopped in any kind of ways to post to it


Thread muted


So, I sold my rytm last year. It’s an amazing machine and almost perfect. The midi out problem originally perturbed me but I got over it.
Tbh, I feel rytm is either geared as a one box does it all or it’s meant to be accompanied by other :3lektron: boxes.


IMHO you can spare yourself some disappointment when you wouldn’t see a mkXX unit as a really new device (like a Rytm v2), because it isn’t.

At it’s core it’s a remake of the same old product, just a little bit refined here and there (new buttons, different screen, maybe additional outs), but definitely no major changes especially not in the OS which is the most cost intensive part nowadays.


Dang I just ordered an analog Rytm mkII yesterday to replace my mpc3000. Want something that does the same things as the 3000 but with more (modern) processing power and flexibility… Have been excited for the AR … BUT I saw a comment on youtube this morning about the fact that you can’t sequence midi to the midi output. But you CAN send midi out from hitting the pads??? Daaaaaang, bruh. I’m prob gonna send this right back