No external MIDI = sadness




the sequencer is not sending midi data, but on my rytm mkI the pads send midi when you hit them!


that is the tease :frowning:


i hear you, but it was never advertised to work as a midi sequencer, to be fair…

i just wrote it, because i dont know if everybody is aware, that most actions om the machine can generate midimessages (or nprn)

for example the pads send preassure info while in performance mode… i sometimes control the a4 performance parameters with this


that argument (being advertised or not) is not valid anymore since they advertised something else and didn’t deliver :upside_down_face:


hear you, but it was never advertised to work as a midi sequencer, to be fair…

exactly. since évery single midi (In, Out, Thru) drummachine in history has that functionality one would assume that the most advanced of them all…

But this thread has allready spoken of everything.
In short: it’s a commercial decision from Elektron.


Shorter still : it wasn’t


I think it’s a scheduling / processor power issue. You can already lock up the RYTM by sending too much MIDI to it (as opposed to the OT). It just wasn’t designed for that.


…let me rephrase that:

Personally I am convinced that it’s a commercial decision made by Elektron as to avoid ‘product overlap’.


I wish it could be used to sequence midi but I can see that sending 12 tracks of midi plus pad info and knobs is definitely additional cost/complexity.

Go look up the price of a social entropy engine, pyramid or cirklon ~$700USD to 1250 EUR for dedicated multitrack midi sequencers.

I’m sure they could’ve added it if they wanted to but it would’ve increased the cost of an already expensive device the intent of which is to be a drum machine with analog synthesis and samples, not a multi track midi sequencer.

I guess it could send GM percussion notes on a single channel, but realistically how useful is that.


Mentioning of prices of hi-end, dedicated, for user interface designed, boutique midi sequencers has exactly what to do with the omission of a ‘print to output’ of data that is already in the machine?
again, like every other midi output equipped drummachine in history with starting prices at 1/10th of the Rytm?

Leaving thread(mill).


What do u expect it to send though? 1 track with gm perc notes?


my nordrum 3p for example, would be very happy with full GM (16 channel, midi cc, prog. change etc) midi output implementation. you know, like machinedrum.

I dream of it’s power (maybe get me any 75 euro start price 1980’s or 1990’s korg, roland, yamaha, alesis or zoom for that from ebay. clutters my table and workflow though…).


spoiler alert, this argument always winds up at a dead end.


I’m no engineer but it did always seem strange that they can receive midi, but not send it.
It’s hard not to jump on board with the conspiracy theorists


I don’t think it’s beating a dead horse to keep asking for this in a thread. I think it shows how much people want a MIDI note sent from the sequencer.

And maybe Elektron sees this and has a change of opinion.

Personally I suspect it’s some kind of feature control to promote and balance sales in the product line. Well if it’s true Elektron then you should know that I didn’t buy it.


This dead horse has been beaten since 2012. It’s now 2019. Beating it any more will not convert the Analog product line to something that it was never designed to be.

I have found the best way to handle such disappointment is to not buy anything from the Analog series. That’s ok, because not every musical instrument needs to to be created just for me. This realization has been far more productive to my well-being than gnashing my teeth online.

Meanwhile, MIDI sequencing in a limited form has returned to Elektron via the Digitakt and Digitone. There is now a glimmer of hope that future products may be designed with MIDI sequencing in mind.


quote: This dead horse has been beaten since 2012. It’s now 2019.

The analog rytm mk2 came out in 2018. For an elektron machine this is brand new. It is the second midi drummachine in 40 year of history that has it’s internal midi data blocked from going to it’s midi output. The first being the analog rytm mk1.

You buy elektron for the longterm support/updates. Otherwise there are fine alternative solutions, going down to as low as 1/10th of the price-point.
So please don’t tell all the new Rytm mk2 owners that they can’t be disappointed by this omission, , while pointing us to other elektron products for a solution, just because you came totally to terms with this (then why post anyway, maybe just ignore this treat). And that they can’t post in this old school treat.

I still have difficulties to accept that the Machinedrum has midi out but the Rytm not.
Even just one or two tracks would be a huge improvement.


The Jomox Aloha Base does not; the arturia drumbrute does not.

They shouldn’t be disappointed as it was never offered.


If we stick to the facts as we know it, this is plain wrong - just putting the record straight for anyone who reads this - the internal sequencing of the Analogs is not done with MIDI (according to the manufacturer)