No external MIDI = sadness


Well, I don’t know what Elektron wants, but the Rytm has not midi external control…Rytm is a synth/sampler drum machine, not an external sequencer…I don’t think it is advertised as been a sequencer midi controller… You can use an OT for that or DT/DN/MNM/MD or another sequencer like Pyramid/Engine/Beatstep…


None of the analog instruments have external midi sequencing. This is not a ploy to get people to buy more boxes. It just is how they were designed.


They didn’t implement midi sequencing because they’re afraid it’ll make the rytm too awesome


Just think of it as MC909 on steroids and love it for its flaws.


I did not design ARMK2, but it is clear that sending MIDI OUT from the sequencer tracks to the corresponding MIDI channels (like TR-8) would be mad useful and, based on my engineering background, easy to add.

Hope they add that in the next software version.


pretty sure it’s been said it’ll never happen


They won’t. We’ve been waiting for that since the ARMK1. The faster you come to accept that it works best as an all-in-1 groovebox and not as a midi sequencer/brain for your setup, the happier you will be with it. Either that, or use your engineering background to design a drum machine that does everything you want.


That’s kinda the point you didn’t design it. You have no clue how easy or not if is to “just add” midi to the analog boxes. You’re also forgetting the analog part, when you compare it to the tr8, an all digital machine. It’s been discussed at length on this forum, do a search.

An easy and simple look at the spec and capabilities of the machine before you got it would have told you the rytm does not midi sequence external gear.


i will not read all posts here. I am sure there are people defending their investment with saying that it is normal to have no midi out., which ofcourse it is not. Then there is the long known posse of defending anything elektron does, standard.

Personally i think it is a real shame. Such a high end machine should be complete.

Give us at least One track of midi control, so we could work with minimal set-ups.


The workaround could be to use the individual outs as triggers and use an Impulse engine or a sample of a half cycle square wave (unlooped) as an audio pulse to trigger other gear. You could then add a trigger to MIDI converter for sending MIDI notes, but of course this is only good for sequencing drum sounds.


You’d save yourself a lot of grief if you had:

An angel dies every time this thread is necroed.


Cv2midi is not a solution, it’s just another pain in the ass.

For me the solution is to abandon the analog machines. The new boxes do midi alright and they sound better anyway. Elektron was never good at analog.


…as an MK1 user i was so ashamed that the 4 left tracks are no Midi tracks! it’s just nothing.
Elektron has to do something more Badass these days…like Midi tracks on the Rytm with the ability to use pressure,and velocity with the Pads, sequenceable. even pressure movement recording is missing for years. i dunno why everything has to be crippled so offensive!
please put everything to 2.0 OS and discontinue Overbridge after it‘s release. for your health.


this is one of many reasons I bought an MDUW over an AR - I actually sat down and compiled a list and it had over a dozen items on it where I feel the MD edges out the AR, despite all the sexy new features (do not own an AR but have demo’ed one extensively) :heart_eyes:


To be honest I feel that with all the damage to the elektron brand done by overbridge that providing the A4 and rytm with midi sequencing would be good for business. Elektron should have their midi seq ecosystem included on all their gear to develop a consistent and predictable approach to how one uses their gear to make tunes. It seems clear they put out the rytm bass osc after it being shelved for so long as a sort of peace offering. I think having midi on only certain elektron devices is a bad idea from a lot of different perspectives


the omission of MIDI sequencing on the A4 doesn’t seem as bad since has a couple tracks of CV sequencing, but really should have at least 1 track of MIDI also

I definitely agree with you re: consistent approach - working with the MD and the octatrack gave me certain design/use-case expectations for the analog series that didn’t materialize


this thread = so old


Don’t hold your breath mate


I’m wondering if there is any chance that Elektron will add midi out to the ARMkII through updated firmware. I’d really like to be able to send midi performance data to my daw. Pad note, velocity, gate length, etc should be very easy to implement. (My Beatstep Pro does this well, but I’d sell it if my AR could send midi.) Perhaps it will be included in Overbridge when it finally arrives?


I guess your best bet is to write elektron directly: - this is a feature lots of people would love to see. Maybe elektron should also make a dedicated page to see which features are most wanted.