No external MIDI = sadness


The Function plus ?? Being crucial as all the buttons already have secondary function


The pads in chromatic mode can send midi notes and the sequencer can trigger the pads. So, I don’t buy the “different language” bit either.


How do you know the sequencer is triggering the pads with MIDI?

Or to put itt another way - how does that go against the Elektron statement? Surely they are saying what goes on inside the machine is not the same as what would have to leave it.


Excellent point!

To clarify for anyone in doubt, I think most of us just want the sequencer to send a midi note at the same time as the trigs in the existing sequencer. Would be great if a setup screen allowed you to pick the notes and channels but even if the notes and channels were all preset and unchangeable it would still work (and not further UI needed).

Nearly every drum machine since the advent of midi has had the ability send out notes when the sequencer triggers. One of those things that just makes life easier (and expands options!).


I don’t, but the sequencer is triggering the pads in some way. If the pads can send midi (which they can) it stands to reason that the sequencer can trigger them to do so in whatever language it speaks. I suppose, the “different language” of the sequencer is plausible, but clearly the pads speak midi and sequencer.


I’d like to see all Elektron boxes sequence external gear too, but this is quite a claim.


I actually thought about it quite a bit before I wrote that and I believe it is a true statement. Can you think of any drum machines that did not send midi notes? Maybe I’m wrong. All the Roland ones did. Alesis and Yamaha too I believe.


This idea of just sending midi notes from the current sequencer patterns seems a much more reasonable desire than an entire midi sequencing section…


Yes, but if you give them an inch, they’ll want the entire football field.


I’m not expecting anything, usually I pounce on these type of threads so I’m trying to be more neutral… I gots an OT anyhow :elot: :thup:


hey my frend s …im locking for a way too send midi infos from rytm to my nord lead or my modular …is it posebil to make this in one way ?



why yall keep beatin this dead ol horse is a mystery to me… let it be?


ehh woth ?


You should know that in the early days of the Rytm the fact that there was no MIDI sequencing was a…controversial…subject.

But I saw that in your original post (which was moderated to this thread) you were asking about the pads.

Yes. Hitting the pads sends some MIDI info but I dont know what. You can find the settings under the global menu.

But it does not nor will ever sequence MIDI.


Nope. You need to get a machinedrum if you want an elektron drum synth that also sequences MIDI.


For reasons unknown this is claimed to be ”non-trivial” to implement by elektron. Without facts we can only speculate what such a statement means IRL


Trying to connect my ARMK2 MIDI OUT to SUB PHATTY MIDI IN to send notes from MK2’s one or more tracks to my synth.

Is that possible? Cannot figure it out.


Sorry, not really possible…afak…


Wait, why not? I can’t imagine this not being a highly requested feature nor hard to add AFAI understand. Unless Elektron want me to buy another $1500 device, like octatrack.


You’re right. It’s pathetic. I got the AK and A4 pretty much at the same time, then tried the midi out to some rme gear.… silence. My 100 year old SR16 could sequence polyphonicaly!!!

But their other stuff A4 AK will run your phatty via CV.