NiftyBundle: Starter modular for about $300

Stumbled upon this in social media…

If you just want the case, it’s about $200 and comes with power supply and MIDI to CV converter


This is such a tempting gateway for me! I know eurorack is in my future, but I’m holding out as long as I can.


This is pretty perfect, only thing keeping me out of modular is that I have absolutely no need for it. But when I crack this will most likely the system I crack with. Thanks for the post!


I’d been mulling getting Hungry Robot pedals as my entry point into the modular money pit.

OTOH, there are quite a few advantages to having a powered case and installing modules inside the case. I’m realizing this after buying quite a few pedals of late - I like them a lot, don’t get me wrong. A well-planned “lunchbox” modular can be set up for a gig in a fraction of the time that it takes me to set up my pedals. I know the standard answer is to just get a pedalboard already and velcro the pedals in, but with my VFE Klein Bottle, I’m switching pedals in and out of its send loops frequently.

A Eurorack case seems to force you to commit to a particular arrangement of modules, by it’s very nature. Also, I’m guessing an 84HP case loaded w/ modules is lighter than a typical guitarist’s pedalboard.

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I was eyeing up a lovely case the other day - a nice hardwood thing from Pittsburgh Modular with clean power for 360hps, and it was going cheap and I could almost afford it! Unfortunately, I had a stern word with myself and had to reluctantly concede that I would not be able to afford 360hps worth of desirable modules, or all of the time that it would take, and I probably wouldn’t cope so well with the pressure that ‘you’ve invested this much, so it had better be worth it!’ Basically, I’ve been making strident efforts to avoid the modular quicksand, and yet there are CV ins sat here, unoccupied. Parameters unmodulated.

That clockable LFO pedal could pair nicely with a few things around here, is all I’m saying.

(I wish the Analog Heat had CV outs.)

That’s the mind poison that has put Out by the deep state. Forget about that, it blocks your creativity. You human, needed a tool to create Something. It doesnt matter If it costed y or z or x. As long as it helps you to be creative, its OK!


Totally. Not endorsing it at all, but I can be a real shitbag to myself. Some people call it ‘resistance’.