#NGNY22 - Happy NoGear New Year!

Just a few hours left here in Sweden now - closing in on a year without any hardware, software or sample investments

So happy for this initiative and what it has done to me spending time with the actual gear at hand and learning/enjoying it in a much deeper way than the quick fix of buying something new.

Ideally, limiting myself to just 1-2 purchases per year would be the right amount to keep the ignition running so I’m hoping for that next year.

Wish everyone, regardless of taking part in this NGNY22 or not, a happy new year! A special thanks to @Joebas for making a lot of us appreciate what we’ve already got! :black_heart:




:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you! Gott nytt år fra Danmark!


Does this mean you wont start the 2023 version?

I don’t think it should be me. I want to see how far I get with only 1 thing to buy in 2023.


Yes - I’m passing on the torch :fire:


Thank you for doing this.

2023 will be fun to keep focus.

If nobody else is up to it, let me know. I should be a worst case scenario to keep it going. I’ve got ADHD characteristics so a big reason I’m aspiring to be a 1 purchase user in 2023.


Let’s commit: #MGNY23


I bought a sp404mk2 last week - just to start 2023 without any purchases.



I only just found this thread, and community. In 2022 my GAS was pretty damn strong. I went through a long, traumatic breakup and so distracted and numbed myself by researching and buying lots of music gear. Like over $10k CAD over the whole year. Sometimes I would check FB Marketplace several times a day to see what the latest offerings were (shudder).

It’s more under control now and I’m really happy with my setup. There are two utility items that I will get this year - a DF Audio Minibay to route my gear and fx, and a MCL, to pimp up my MD Mk1. Maybe some audio and MIDI cables if needed. But hopefully no more new noise makers or noise tweakers. I have a few pieces that I will probably sell, too.

Thanks for creating this chain. GAS and the dopamine hits from watching those youtube reviews and performances, and subsequent purchases, can get out of hand. It’s a better addiction than others, but it’s still an addiction.

I love the idea of watching youtube videos of gear that I already own, that got me excited about that piece of gear in the first place. I did that recently and was like ‘holy shit, yeah, this synth is amazing, I’m gonna do some cool stuff with it!’ :slight_smile:

We all got this! :muscle: #NGNY23 (Should we make a new topic for 2023?)


It is already done: https://www.elektronauts.com/t/no-new-gear-year-2023-aka-ngny-2023

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Currently going through a bit of a creative dry patch and feeling that I have too much gear already. I love all of it and know that I’ll regret selling any of it so definitely setting out with the intention of buying no gear in 2023. I don’t need the OTO mixer and will only buy the Bro800 if I sell the Deepmind first. Feel confident that I can resist the temptation.

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Congrats to y’all who made it the whole year. It was quite tough, but this year I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been about making tracks


Thanks for this!

This ngny22 influenced everything I purchased.

I bought for the whole year:

1 computer keyboard
1 8 port network switch
1 sound card
1 tool to make prints
1 Doumbek hand drum (as the deal was too good to pass)
I traded 2 synth for same priced synth

(this is apart from food, gas, garage bill and rent and house repair)

No software purchase, no book purchase (I have so many to read anyway)

This has been the year I’ve bought the least amount of stuff in my whole adult life!


Hey! I wondered how you are getting on with this desk? I’m looking for a motorised desk for studio/work usage and this looks pretty great

I like it very much, was easy to assemble, feels sturdy !
It’s really practical and a joy to work with. Only downside is that you have to go with the only color avaliable !

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Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad to hear it’s working well. I’m not sure the three tier layout will be ideal for me to work as well as make music but am going to investigate further.

That is exactly my configuration. Working as vfx artist and making music.

Looks like this at the moment, still a bit messy but everything will be wired clean really soon.

That looks pretty sweet, thank you for the pic! Is there enough room to sit with your legs under the desk (due to the keyboard tray) and to still have the keyboard at a good ergonomic typing height?

I’m at 80.6. which means that the bottom desk is just gently touching my upper legs when I’m at correct work distance.

Monitors and typing height are higher than before which is better for neck and helped me cure an off centered elbow pain I was struggling with.

It was a bit odd at first but it felt very natural after a while.
Time to get used to it I guess…

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