Next Sequential Release: Drum Machine!

During one of his many NAMM 2020 interviews, Dave Smith said that in addition to the Pro 3, Sequential would release something else later this year for a ‘different type of musician’.

Any guesses?

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Gotta be a tuba.




They have a ton of polysynth keyboards and modules out, a new flagship mono, and the Tempest is still in production.

Eurorack? A software synth?

Maybe they are going all out on a drone synth? or maybe him and rodger linn decided to do something ultra expressive together? maybe both?

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He said it would be “in a few months” in one of them, so I’m thinking maybe superbooth.

Could be a desktop pro-3, I’m hoping its something drum related.


I am guessing maybe a pedal for bass or guitarists like Moog does.


Didn’t think of that, certainly a realistic possibility

He was referring to the thing in this video – well at least the thing that would have been in the video if he hadn’t swapped it out with something else.

The “for a different type of musician thing” will be shipping in August (or there abouts) – a gift from Dave.

So be ready to be changing the title on this thread – New synth on the way from Sequential!


Roger Linn did say in an interview he was working on a new Linndrum type machine but it was more of a very slow side project. Maybe they’re working together on this? That would be really cool to have them two working together on a modern Linndrum type of machine. I’ll see if I can find that interview again

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I doubt they’d collaborate on a drum machine again


Yeah I found the interview and watched it again. He doesn’t make it sound like it would be a collab effort. This is from 2018. I kinda forgot about it honestly. I wonder how far he’s gotten on it since then.

Whatever this synth is, I hope it’s something I don’t want lol

Edit: Now that we know it’s a synth, my best guess is a desktop eurorack module like the Mother 32, Pittsburgh SV-1, Crave, Erebus, etc.

It’s the one type of synth he has not done that could be considered ‘for a different type of musician’ (not a keyboard synthesizer)

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oh hell.

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Would Dave have moved a keyboard placeholder in if he wasn’t replacing a keyboard synth? IDK. Just posing the question. I read this a direct, though perhaps subconscious hint from him.

The part to ponder is “a different type of musician.” Does anyone have that video? It might be good to get the exact words and the context. (Plus we need Ryan, he’s our Sherlock isn’t he. OT users will be very happy.)


I Dunno I still sort of expect it to be some sort of MPE control surface focused on virtuosity of playing sounds… it would fit a different type of musician to me at least. If it has good programming controls and a new type of control surface I could totally get sold on it… my biggest problem with the MPE devices out there is they just don’t seem fun to program sounds for. All we really know is it can fit on a table. :sweat_smile:


Well i say it’s analog or at least partly – so maybe it has an analog back to a digital front-end. The scope he has behind him is an Siglent Technologies scope – i think it’s a SDS120X or 110X series (nice scopes btw) or another model. Now you could use an oscilloscope working out parts of a digital design but you might more likely want a logic analyzer, or some sort of digital device for that. The other device behind him is an Agilent Universal Counter, another nice instrument for measuring frequency and time periods etc, a useful partner for an oscilloscope.

I guess that’s not an enormous surprise. But my leaning is this thing is substantially analog.

There’s also “Noir et Blanc Vie” that tweeted “I love Dave Smith”, so whatever it is, he probably got one, haha

Right now trying to make out what “a different type of musician” means to this, i think of something a little more off-beat. Something like what the Moog Sub-Harmonicon was. You give that to your average musician and they wouldn’t know what to do with it. This is probably not anything like a Sub-Harmonicon just in it being in the same realm of a thing outside the expected.

I like what you said bwo – spmething “focused on virtuosity of playing sounds…”

Seems equally likely that he was using it to look at the audio signal?