NEwbie wanting to make Model:cycles polyphonic

Been looking into getting a round robin device so I can get multiple midi outs into an external keyboard, thats the idea so far. But really struggling on what device to get for that and then what keyboard is compatible for it.

Would love any suggestions or points in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!!

It’s possible with the Retrokits RK 002 cable and any midi keyboard with a regular midi out!

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If you happen to use ableton and have max for live you can also use the polymind v2 device to do this


I had the same impulse to do this when I got the model:cycles but in retrospect I think the instrument is far more useful in other ways. If you have no other polyphony maybe it makes sense, but I got the rk-002 to use round-robin midi for polyphony and really never returned to it. YMMV

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If you need more physical midi ports on your computer, a Blokas Midihub should be able to do this as well. It can also run in standalone after you set it up.

Think i need to try making my cycles polyphonic! havent thought of that after i got the midihub.

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I agree. I like to have 2 or 3 synths spread across the 6 tracks. And have a drum pattern right next to it to sample then switch patterns. MIDIHUB opens up crazy doors.

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Yeah, I’ve got the Cycles hooked up to a keyboard with the RK-002. It works. It’s pretty cheap–about $70 for me including tax and shipping to CA. But it’s a work around. Since it just cycles through the MIDI channels, you can have notes cut off even if you’re playing six or fewer notes since it might circle back around to a note still being held. Maybe if we’re good Elektron will introduce a poly mode in a firmware update though.

I bought the Cycles because I wanted a drum machine and a sketch pad. This is more like an extra thing it can do. It’s also fun throwing extra lfos from the Digitakt to see what kinds of sounds I can get. If you’re just looking for something to play polyphonically, this probably isn’t what you’re after.

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I just grabbed a midigal pre built. It’s dead simple to set up with the dispatcher firmware loaded for Polyphonic play. I’m using it on a Model Samples. Having the screen and presets for different applications makes it very powerful (along with all of the other alternate midi tool firmwares). Definitely take a look. Pete (the guy that builds them) is quick to respond and ships out of CA FYI.


Yeah midipal is awesome.

Cheapest option is an clone Arduino Uno and midi shield (probably $20 total) and there are quite a few scripts around for tons of midi projects, very simple DIY project with no soldering needed, IMHO a better option than the RK cable and you save $50 for a bit of simple DIY, and end up with a flexible platform that can be highly customised.

Note dispatcher

Midi interface

Uno clone

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Looking for Arduino based sketch projects to use round-robin midi for polyphony.Any ideas or links?
Pretty please

Sorry I am not aware of any, but check on the Arduino forums, someone there may have done it.