Newbie problem, crossfader, transition

Newbie problem:
I have a full loop on (T1 flex) and would like to switch to another loop (T5, flex) with the crossfader.
I set A to T1 Max, T5 Min. B I set to T5 max, T1 Min.

During the transition I have a sound hole in the middle of the way (The sound becomes quieter).
My Ecler Nuo 3.0 can do this without this error.

What are your methods to get a transition smooth?
I could use an external mixer, but I don’t think that’s the right workaround.

check if your recorder setup is set to long enough recording length. check how many bars is the sequencer set to. check the amp page parameters. check if loop is on on the start page.

Watch for that topic this: