[NEWBIE] Odd behaviour when live recording midi + arp with clock receive?


Hi All,
I’m a newbie to Digitone and Digitakt, however I have been learning fast and I seem to grasp well how to use them and the workflow.

I’m experiencing a strange issue when live recording the sync’ed Digitone with the arpeggiator on using the Digitakt’s sequencer. It feels like some kind of “unresponsiveness”: the Digitone sounds delayed in respect of me playing, or a few trigs sound substantially less loud as if velocity was low, but it is not.

The same melody sounds perfect when I am not recording, or the arpeggiator is off, or I set MIDI clock receive to off on the Digitone.

I tried this with and without quantization. No change. I’ve been checking on the voices screen and there is no sign of issues there either.

The two devices are connected as described in the Elektron user guides, with the Digitakt sequencing everything, and its MIDI out going into the Digitone MIDI in. The issue happens identically either playing on the Digitakt in chromatic mode or using an external MIDI keyboard (Arturia KeyStep).

Needless to say, the devices are running the latest official firmware. Please help, I don’t know what to think here! Thanks.


Only a guess … maybe a latency issue :thinking:?

If we have keyboard --> DT(recording) --> DT(playback) --> DN (arp), I think that there might be some time lost between recording and sending the data out for playback. If it’s only playback the notes might directly be transmitted to the DN with near to no latency.


So some software-inducted latency, caused by the “extra effort” of recording.

I expected the Digitone and Digitakt to be powerful enough not to be subject to suffer for such little load. I am talking about one voice only, with a simple arpeggio: neither the Digitone and the Digitakt are doing anything else!

There must be another explanation.