New user, new owner, new to the forums, and I have a silly question

So I’ve owned the four for about 3 weeks now, I love, it’s like having my own Tangerine Dream in a box, however, how do I find the white noise to make hat style sounds, I’ve looked and looked and searched and I don’t know if I’m dense but I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks you in advance

Push the OSC 1 button twice.

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You are my hero, and I feel like a dope.

Thank you so much.

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These dual functions are not always super obvious. :wink:

[quote=“A4 manual p22, post:1, topic:43851”]
If a page contains a subpage, press the [PARAMETER] page key again to access it.
OSC1 controls oscillator 1. Contains one sub page for the noise generator.[/quote]
There is no silly question per se… And people here are rather glad to help :thup:

Still, using the search on the PDF manual is a good idea.
And there is no escape, you have to read this manual :smile:

This! I know no one likes to be told to RTFM and I usually don’t bother myself but it really is worth it with Elektron boxes.
By all means fiddle and discover by yourself for a while as it’s the funnest way to do things but these boxes are deep and there’s much that can be done which isn’t immediately obvious.


Hey folks, thanks for the responses, I just printed out the PDF, I was using the little starter guide it came with and couldn’t for the life of me find out about the noise, time to dive into this book :smiley:

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