New to Rytm

I have a question on the AR mk2

Is it possible to use only samples on the AR tracks? Or each track is always a combination of synthesis and sample?

Let’s say I want to import 8 drum Goldbaby samples can i just use these or they are always layered with the internal drum synths?

The drum synth machines can be turned down to 0 (so yes), and you can manage how both are triggered per step.

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Turn the level of the internal drums to zero for that track and only your sample will play.

Can’t you just set the [ Synth ] setting on the [ Trig ] page to Off?


There’s also a “disable” machine for the synth part.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but read the manual, watch a few hours worth of youtube videos, then read the manual again. The only proper way to enjoy this machine is to know it inside out.

yup trig page, knob E turn left, done.

Great thank you!