New to Elektron / Digitakt - Overbridge question

Hi guys,

This is my first post here. I have recently ordered a Digitakt and am awaiting its delivery. Ive been doing some reading up and have a question that hopefully i can get an answer to here?

My understanding is that there is no way to zoom in on a sample when setting sample start point or loop point on the digitakt itself. However i was wondering if there is some way if doing this when the digitakt is connected to overbridge?

Thanks in advice and i will no doubt be back in the future when i get my machine with more questions ( and hopefully some of the fruits of my labour to share with you all)


You can zoom in on the start and end points using knobs B and D when in the sampling screen. Not sure about after it’s sampled.

Congrats on getting a DT!

I remember waiting for mine to arrive, and it was intense :slight_smile:

In OB I don’t believe the DT VST has any additional functionality for zooming in on a sample.

It seems like it would be helpful (essential even) to zoom in on a sample on the [SRC] page, but in practice I just do it by ear.

Maybe others have cases where they require high precision for chopping sample chains.

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