New Setup, Overall midi/audio questions and Daw link

Hi Everybody,

I’ve been looking for some answers for 3 days and even though some forum threads were approaching the issues i have, i need more answers !

I’ve been producing for a while with a really simple setup (ableton + midi Keyboard + audio interface). Vst, samples and everything…

I wanted to step up so i recently bought a tanzbar 2 + digitone. Here is how everything is linked :

Audio Interface (audiobox vsl 44) midi out > Midi in Tanzbar 2/ Midi Out/thru tanzbar 2 > Midi in digitone.

Aside : Digitone usb to MAC.

Aside : Stereo out tanzbar 2 > In mono 3 and 4 inside Audiobox

I wanted to be able to sync everything with ableton clock but i have several issues :

  • I dont hear anything in ableton from Digitone even if digitone is in overbridge mode and i put the plugin inside a midi tracks. when i press the trig keys on the digitone i can see there is sound on the chan but nothing on the main speakers.

  • When i start to place also some samples on different audio tracks, everything works perfectly and i hear all the audio tracks i have in ableton. But after i launch some pattern in Tanzbar 2, all the sounds from the audio tracks disappear little by little and after 5 min i can only hear the tanzbar (like the signal is being cannibalize by the main outpout out of tanzbar2)…

I know this topic reveals several questions on digitone and other gear but it’s been a week im struggling with theses issues.

My purpose is to find a simple “setup” so i can record everything into ableton either in audio or midi.

Thanks a lot to everyone that took time to read everything and that can throw any piece of help in that topic !


Update :

I considered problem was coming from my Sound card so i put the Digitone as core audio soundcard in Ableton and everything seems to work now.

My Digitone Master L R is going directly to the speakers and it seems i can now hear everything.

So now i’m considering to sequence my drum machine (tanzbar2) into the 4 midi Tracks of the digitone.

If someone got any advices on how to setup (in the digitone settings etc) an external device. I followed some youtube tutorials but none adresses the specific details (digitone settings, port config etc )

Have you tried following the setup example “Controlling a synthesizer using the MIDI tracks” in the Digitone’s manual?

Hey ! Thanks for replying !

Yeah i followed what was in the manual but still cant figure out why i can get any sound.

I put my tanzbar to recieve CC and midi note too.

Im still a noob in synth and maybe it’s obvious to someone but not to me

Please post details of your MIDI (and any audio) connections between the Digitone and Tanzbär 2.

Also tell us what MIDI settings you have made in the Settings menu and the MIDI sequencer track of the Digitone, and what MIDI settings you have made on the Tanzbär 2.

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I have Midi out from Digitone to Midi in Tanzbar
I also have the audio main output of the tanzbar in the INput L and Input R on the digitone (jack 6,5)

In the midi settings of the Digitone :

Digitone is linked to Mac with usb and in midi settings i have overbridge ticked
Outport Func : Midi
Input From : Midi + Usb
Outport to : Midi

On the Tanzbar2 :

Midi note : Rx = Yes Tx = No
Midi cc : Yes

In the midi sequencer of the Digitone : i have activated Chan 1 (in the Synth1 menu) and basically touched nothing after. i tried it though with multiple channels (function + press rotary button). I basically followed this exemple made with a volca ( )

I believe everything is fine with the midi configuration.

But, I didn’t know that an external source could be played through digitone! Maybe you can also apply effects on it?

Yeah, many video on youtube shows that as an Elektron device, you can sequence anything through digitone and then apply Elektron effects on it, and even control external synth parameters (like decay/tune etc etc) via midi cc.