New Roland AIRA/Boutique instruments 9.09

TB-03 now has built in overdrive circuit (not on original or tt-303)

according to somehwere i read, the tr-8 ACB model is based on an 808, so technically you kind of have it already. that being said, i think it is highly likely they come out with a tr-08 down the road based on sales of the tr-09 etc.

Really loking forward to trey the system 8, I like my elektron gear but I need a nice poly with a good UI to complement it.

No mini shit from Elektron, please.

I get that people want those, but Korg+Roland+Teenage Engineering mini stuff is enough.

Big, proper, black boxes, thanks!


The VP-03 sampling time is 100ms, not clear whether that is per step or total though.

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Its just the form factor for me, il be honest with you I totally get why “mini” is a no no lol but elektron could do it right mini doesn’t have to be a no no. I like solid robust design too… im by no means saying go super cheap, id be upset if they did that.

So since EVERYONE has/ is getting some form of 303 now, does that spell the end of acid? The end, as in ‘obnoxiously omnipresent’? Every ruddy popsong will have an acidline in it…?




Probably both, then.

Been done:

(In the same year the TB-303 was released, actually…)


Not everyone who has a 303/303 clone does acid. I made this with my Bassbot, Octatrack and viola. Yes, “acid” is in the title, but I think most people would not consider it so, LOL!

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Classic tune. Glasgow band but looks like the vid was shot in London? 3 guitars vs one audible, who’s playing the 303?? Lol

The one brother though…he was probably like, “yo man, I got this little silver box. Let’s use it on this track, playa. That’s what’s up!”

Aight mate, wanna be in r video? LOL!

Zeke was the drummer.

Also, would you mind dialing down the racist lingo?


Racist? I’m not sure you have a sense of perspective, but I appreciate you wish to be the first to point out what a sensitive and morally-upstanding individual you are. We see you, and thank you.

Oh, hell yeah, he was a drummer all right :wink:


Damn sure. And a pretty great vocalist. Check out this recent house/disco collaboration with Faze Action:


Absolute stone to the bone classic right there.

Brb, I’m off to Discogs to see if I can buy everything Zeke Manyika’s ever touched in his career.


So since EVERYONE has/ is getting some form of 303 now, does that spell the end of acid? The end, as in ‘obnoxiously omnipresent’? Every ruddy popsong will have an acidline in it…?

Not in the slightest, acid has been one of the few genres that has never really gone away since the 80’s, proper acid, done right is quite a timeless sound, you can go on youtube and listen to thousands of shit acid tracks and thousands of great acid tracks, same as any other genre, and perhaps uniquely to acid the more elements in a track the less potent it can be.

So flavour of the month johnny come lately superstar DJ putting an acid line in some inane club/dance/pop crossover track is just going to sound (to people who understand acid) like a faker, and will probably be forgotten as soon as the next one comes along.

To a lot of people good acid activates pleasure chemicals in the brain, those people will never tire of it, plenty of other people blatantly and simply do not get acid, that is fine too. Listening to good acid takes commitment from the listener at first, sure it is an aquired taste, which is probably why it has never gone mainstream, fantastic. :slight_smile: